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Rahul Gandhi’s ‘aata Rs 22 per litre’ gaffe at ‘Halla Bol’ rally triggers memefest on Twitter

Rahul Gandhi likely has never went to buy groceries and is not aware that 'aata' is not sold in litres.

Hindustan Times labels BJP as ‘party of goons’, later deletes tweet and issues apology: Here is what they said

On Saturday morning, the national English daily Hindustan Times courted controversy for labelling the BJP as 'Gundon ki Party'.

Rahul Gandhi commits another gaffe? Asks Centre to provide ‘jobs’ to farmers

Rahul Gandhi made the demand of jobs for farmers during his speech in Lok Sabha on Tuesday where he spoke on farmers' agitation

Congress leader Bhai Jagtap shares homosexual porn photo on social media, claims account was hacked

Congress leader Bhai Jagtap claimed his account was hacked after he shared a homosexual photo of a group of men.

Watch: RJD MP Ashfaque Karim continues anti-CAA speech even while his trousers fall down

Ashfaque Karim was speaking against the Citizenship Amendment Act at a gathering, reportedly in Araria district when he pants accidentally fell off.

Rahul Gandhi is back and how: After ‘pichatees’, watch him inventing another number to talk about MSP paid to farmers

Rahul Gandhi conjured up a new number- 'Dhai Hazaar Panch Sau' while speaking at the election rally in Jharkhand

From referring to PM Modi as ‘President’ to asking world leaders to ‘Google’ RSS, Imran Khan’s UNGA maiden speech was a recipe for disaster

However pensive an occasion might be, Imran Khan and his subordinates have never skipped the opportunity to come across as buffoons

‘Everyone makes mistakes,’ Union Minister Piyush Goyal on his slip of tongue crediting Einstein for discovery of gravity

Union Minister for Railways, Piyush Goyal today acknowledged his 'Einstein' goof up and said that it was a slip of tongue.

Hilarious! Pakistan minister confuses animated GTA V plane landing video with real one

Pakistani Minister, Khurram Nawaz Gandapur on Saturday left the Twitterati in splits as he shared a video of a popular game GTA V as if it were a real incident.

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