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Alunomics: Congress President Rahul Gandhi explains the economics behind potato chips

Finally waking up to a common man's heartache on seeing how a potato chips packet contains more air than potato chips, Rahul Gandhi's brilliant display of business sense left the nation awestruck.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has moved on from connecting MRI machines and has now decided to take the case of potato chips packets. While addressing a rally in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi addressed the lifetime rue of potato chips-lovers.

“Pick up a potato chips packet. How much does potato cost today? Rs. 5. How much is a potato chips packet sold for? How much of it is a potato? Only half a potato goes in it. How much does a farmer get out of the potato chips packet? 50 paisa or sometimes not even that,” Rahul Gandhi said today in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh.

Finally waking up to a common man’s heartache on seeing how a potato chips packet contains more air than potato chips, Rahul Gandhi’s brilliant display of business sense baffled a lot of Twitter users.

And some people who could not empathise with others as much as Rahul Gandhi took it upon themselves to explain the concept of costing, which includes manufacturing process on raw materials, in this case, potato.

We strongly condemn such logical reasoning being offered to Rahul Gandhi.

This is true. We too had a heated argument in the team as to who gets to write on Rahul Gandhi talking about potatoes and potato chips. Because in a boring world of grumpy politicians making sleep-inducing speeches, Rahul Gandhi’s stand up comedy, oops, speech are like fresh chips, no, rays of sunshine.

This is not the first time Rahul Gandhi has invoked potato chips packets. Earlier in October in a rally in Chhattisgarh, Rahul Gandhi displayed his empathy with millions of chips-lovers worldwide whose faces turn sour looking at the few pieces of salty paradise at the bottom of a ridiculously oversized packet.

Rahul Gandhi, after being prompted that a packet of potato chips costs Rs. 20, he explained how the potato farmers of Chhattisgarh would have wondered ‘our potato goes into it, and it is sold for Rs. 20!’ He had said that out of that 20 rupees, the farmers also get some share.

“Aapko bhi lage ki haan main apna chips kha raha hoon aur chips ke packet mein se mujhe bhi thoda fayda hua,” Rahul Gandhi explained that when the farmers would get a share from sales of chips made by the potatoes they grew, they would feel good. He said that farmer loan waiver would be just the beginning, the potato farmers will also get their share from the sales of potato chips packets. How thoughtful, because those of you Modi-bhakts who have already started thinking that farmers do not usually buy potato chips, let us be clear. When Rahul baba becomes PM, people of India will get packets full of chips absolutely free under Alu Sona Yojna, the default Gandhi name at the beginning of the scheme will be decided later.

The reasoning provided by Rahul Gandhi is so astounding that I am not even trying to figure out whether he meant potato is Rs. 5 per kg? Because if it is, I want to sue my vegetable vendor who sells it to me for Rs. 30 per kg. Or did he mean that 5 rupees a Kg is the price of one potato, half of which goes into the nitrogen gas-filled potato chips packet? And what happens to the other half of the potato? Does it put itself into a machine so that it can convert itself into gold? Modiji must answer.

But after giving share from the sales price of potato chips to potato farmers in Chhattisgarh and now in Madhya Pradesh, I think mobile phone factories are now a passé. Potato chips are the flavour of the election season.


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