Monday, May 10, 2021


Global Times

Chinese state media Editor accuses Subramanian Swamy of being ‘ungrateful’ over ‘war on COVID’, it doesn’t go down well for him

Chinese state media Global Times Editor Hu Xijin on Sunday accused BJP leader Subramanian Swamy of being 'ungrateful' after he tweeted that India is...

Chinese state media now claims that cases of a mutant strain found in India detected in China, 11 taken to the hospital: Details

Chinese state media is now claiming that they have detected some cases of mutant strains of COVID-19 found in Indian in China.

China upset over Modi govt’s vaccine diplomacy, blames India after Bangladesh rejects their vaccine

Chinese government mouthpiece Global Times has claimed that India wants to monopolize the vaccine market in South Asia and hence is influencing its neighbouring nations to reject the Chinese vaccine.

‘Missing’ Jack Ma makes first public appearance, Chinese state media claims

As per Chinese state media, he attended the Jack Ma Rural Teachers Award ceremony, an annual event launched by the Jack Ma Foundation in 2015.

‘Meaningless to play such a petty trick’, Chinese state media Global Times defends Rajeev Sharma, the journalist caught spying for China

Global Times has come out in support of Rajeev Sharma, who was arrested for passing sensitive information to China.

Chinese state media finds proof of terrorism by India – a spoof video on PUBG by India Today

Chinese state-run media Global Times uses a spoof video by India Today group as 'proof' of terrorism by India.

On a day Chinese mouthpiece editor taunts Indian Army over food, Rahul Gandhi questions why different food is served to jawans and officers

Global Times seems to be sharing an unfaltering understanding with the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi

‘Naughty’ China has an epic meltdown, posts a message to India with 5 exclamation marks

Global Times has been venting hot air against India for months now, since the Galwan standoff began.

Chinese government mouthpiece Global Times uses Congress rants to target India’s moves in Ladakh

Chinese state-affiliated mouthpiece Global Times claims that Modi government is facing a severe pressure from the Congress party

Chinese state-sponsored media threatens India with war, says it can not win against China even with US-support

Chinese state-owned media Global Times has warned India that even with US-support, it cannot win against China.

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