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Global population crosses 8 billion mark, India to become most populated country surpassing China in 2023

World's population surpassed the 8 billion mark on November 15, 2022, just 12 years after crossing the 7 billion mark.

Multiple websites went down as Cloudflare system faced issue, read details

Websites such as OpIndia, Zerodha, Shopify, Zendeck, Upstoxx, Groww and many others faced outage after Cloudflare was down.

Ever Given: The most famous ship of 2021, and why we love it

Ever Given, the ship that got stuck, was the world's most talked about ship this year.

How Dismantling Global Hindutva conference ended up showing that Hindu nationalists are the best people of all

Hindus are a micro-minority in most countries of this world. Then how exactly could anyone see Hindutva as a global threat?

If opposition political parties don’t criticise external vested interests, they will lose more support internally than gain globally

India possesses the world’s fifth-largest economy and the third most powerful military as also remains the globe’s most lucrative market.

George Soros: Manipulator of the Global order, the Indian nexus and the concerns for India

It is very natural for India to be concerned and alarmed as George Soros has openly declared a war against nationalism.

Respected Sushma ji, you just got royally played by the Left

The Left is holding a rock at this very moment, waiting.

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