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After a brief halt during the SC hearing, stubble burning in Punjab is back with a vengeance as Delhi chokes: 1600 fires raging across...

While AAP leaders are blaming Diwali and Hindus for poor AQI in Delhi, the farmers in Punjab have resumed stubble burning

‘Don’t burst firecrackers’: AAP Minister who said farm fires from Punjab don’t cause pollution requests people to not celebrate Diwali with fireworks

Last week, Minister Gopal Rai said that BS3 petrol and BS4 diesel vehicles coming from Uttar Pradesh have been contributing to the deterioration of the air quality index in the national capital. Rai’s statement came after Anand Vihar’s AQI touched 999 making it extremely hazardous.

Wind not carrying smoke from Punjab to Delhi, only Haryana and UP smoke causing pollution, claims AAP minister Gopal Rai

Gopal Rai said, "The stubble burning in Punjab this year is halved as compared to the last year. Punjab's stubble smoke does not have as much impact on Delhi as that of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh."

AAP minister Gopal Rai blames vehicles coming from Uttar Pradesh for the air pollution in Delhi

Gopal Rai is not the first minister in the Delhi government to point fingers at other states rather than solving the air pollution issue in Delhi.

Schools shut down in Delhi from tomorrow after Supreme Court slams Arvind Kejriwal govt for reopening them amid air pollution

The Apex court wondered why the Delhi government made work-from-home for adults but children have to attend the school despite high air pollution

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai alleges that BJP instigated people to burst firecrackers on Diwali to cause pollution

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai said that some people in Delhi burst firecrackers on purpose, and BJP was behind this

Delhi govt claims they are paying for train tickets of migrants returning to Bihar, Bihar govt releases letter exposing Kejriwal’s lie: Details

Delhi govt has sent a letter to Bihar govt asking them to pay the cost of tickets of migrants returning to Bihar from Delhi

Delhi: AAP celebrates Kejriwal’s nomination as fire in transport dept burns all documents, BJP leader Kapil Mishra alleges bigger conspiracy

AAP maintains stunned silence as fire in Delhi's transport department burns all documents.

Kejriwal asks why Delhi IAS officers are on strike for 4 months, Twitter responds and how

Kejriwal asks Twitter why IAS officers are on strike, Twitter users remind him exactly why

Troubles mount for AAP as BJP accuses the party of Rs 139 crores labour scam, registers FIR

BJP alleges that AAP government is registering AAP workers as labourers for monetary benefits

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