Thursday, January 20, 2022



Amidst chants of ‘Allahu Akbar’, illegal immigrants set on fire an immigration detention centre in Corinth, Greece: Read the details

Illegal immigrants held at the pre-departure immigration detention facility at Corinth, Greece set the facility on fire

Concerns rise as men of Pakistani origin found sexually assaulting women in Greece with alarming frequency

While most victims are native women, in some cases, even children have been assaulted by men of Pakistani descent.

Massive Earthquake of 7.0 magnitude jolts Turkey and Greece, 4 dead

An Earthquake of magnitude 7.0 struck off the coast of western Turkey on Friday, near the Aegean Sea island of Samos

Illegal Pakistani immigrants a cause of worry for Greece, aggressive behaviour, harassment of female co-worker reported

The incident started after a Greek girl was harassed by a Pakistani illegal immigrant at her workplace, as per reports.

Greece takes Church priests off government payroll, ends their ‘civil-servant’ status

The decision is being viewed as a step towards the separation of the Church from the State.

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