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‘Not going to get in the middle of this’: US steers clear, refuses to comment on Pakistan’s claims about India getting terrorists assassinated

The response by US Department of State spokesperson Matthew Miller came after he was asked about Washington’s stance on a recent UK media report citing Pakistani officials alleging that India carried killings of individuals associated with terrorism and extremism on Pakistani soil.

Guardian article claims India was inspired by Jamal Khashoggi murder to kill terrorists in Pakistan, here is how this proves it is a work...

The Guardian article claims that R&AW was inspired to kill enemies abroad after the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey

“Saugandh mujhe iss mitti ki..”: Hours after the Guardian report, PM Modi says in a rally, “Even our enemies know this is new India,...

PM Modi reiterated part of his speech he had given in Churu on 26th February 2019, the same day when India conducted Balakote air strikes

The Guardian publishes dubious report based on Pakistani ‘sources’, claims India is using Jihadis to kill terrorists: How it tried to demonise PM Modi...

The Indian voters are proud to see that the government elected by them is bullish on anti-terrorism, upholding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation against external threats.

The Guardian’s ‘investigative article’ has glaring factual errors and picture of a ‘wrong’ terrorist, British publication makes corrections without admitting mistakes

As the Indian readers called out the publication for its factual errors, The Guardian silently corrected the “Pannun’s death” to “Pannun plot”, and removed the wrong photo, without any acknowledgement of the errors.

Guardian ‘journalist’ offers to interview OpIndia editor-in-chief to ‘clarify’ accusations of the journalist being anti-India, anti-Hindu, declines OpIndia’s counter offer of a live stream...

On expected lines, The Guardian 'journalist' has declined to accept OpIndia's offer to engage in a live stream debate where she could respond to OpIndia's questions over her anti-Hindu, anti-Indian coverage

Who are the ‘journalists’ from The Guardian hounding Kajal Hindustani for an interview: Anti-Hindu tropes, whitewashing of love jihad and more

With the 2024 elections just around the corner, The Guardian and other propaganda news outlets have upped their ante in amplifying disinformation in India.

Since OpIndia stonewalled Guardian’s latest hit-job attempt against Kajal Hindustani, here is a tear-jerker they could write supporting their Hinduphobic journalist

Hannah Ellis-Petersen and her colleagues of The Guardian were hounding Kajal Hindustani for an interview

The Guardian removes Osama Bin Laden’s ‘Letter to America’ after 21 years: Blatant Islamic justification for terrorism withdrawn only after TikTokers made it viral

Osama Bin Laden, in his letter, explained why Al Qaeda executed the attacks of 9/11 and why they have waged Jihad against America. In a notification, 'The Guardian' informed about the removal of this letter.

Rahul Gandhi resumes attack on PM Modi using report on Adani by group funded by George Soros and Ford Foundation, repeats already debunked lies

Rahul Gandhi resumed attack on PM Modi after Financial Times and Guardian claimed that Adani secretly invested in own shares

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