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London: Hindus protest outside Guardian office for biased reporting blaming Hindus for Leicester violence, ask them to tone down anti-India narrative

Hindus demonstrate outside Guardian office in London protesting against their anti-Hindu reports on Leicester violence

No, Hindu Swastika and Nazi Hakenkreuz are not the same: Here is why the Hinduphobia needs to stop

Many International media houses described the Nazi Hakenkreuz symbol on the sleeve of Russian gunman as ‘Swastika’.

Leicester: The Guardian’s Aina Khan confirms Hindu temple desecrated, flag burned by Islamist mob, but invokes ‘good Imam’

The mob which desecrated Hindu temple in Leicester has no religion, but the lone man who miraculously appeared on scene to 'protect it' did, are are to believe as per The Guardian's Aina Khan

The Guardian’s Aina Khan invokes ‘RSS’ in Leicester violence where Islamists attacked Hindu community, shows how Ummah trumps facts

The Guardian's Aina Khan's rant amid the Leicester violence appears racist and full of bias against the Indian diaspora, especially Hindus.

How Western Media like Reuters, WaPo and Guardian ignored facts to peddle the ‘caste hierarchy’ narrative while covering Lakhimpur Kheri case

The Western media did an exclusive and biased coverage of the rape and murder of two Dalit girls in Lakhimpur, UP.

Why the Gurugram namaz issue is unprecedented in the history of Hindu-Muslim relations in India

Why won’t the “Hindutva extremists” just let the Muslims perform their prayers? Why don’t these “Hindutva extremists” just live and let live?

Guardian calls public grounds in Gurugram ‘Muslim sites’, says Muslims have right to offer namaz at those places

Guardian has claimed that public places in Gurugram are Muslim sites, and the Muslims in India have no place for praying now

Amnesty International and other ‘liberal democratic global forces’ will fix Modi through WaPo, Le Monde, Guardian: Catholic priest Jegath Gaspar Raj

In an interview with Liberty Tamil, Jegath Gaspar Raj admitted to the foreign conspiracy of undermining the Modi government

‘Potential targets’, ‘common system’ and more: Unanswered questions on Pegasus allegations and why Amnesty statement makes no sense

Both Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories have said that 50,000 numbers were potential targets for snooping with Pegasus

Pegasus ‘snoopgate’ now names Rahul Gandhi: How The Guardian lied blatantly, without evidence, that Modi govt MAY HAVE snooped on him

The Modi govt categorically denied using the Pegasus software at all but media now claims Rahul Gandhi 'may' have been snooped.

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