Sunday, September 24, 2023


Gun violence

USA: Mass shooting at California’s Orange County biker bar leaves 4 dead, several injured, over 25,000 gun violence deaths in 2023 so far

5 people were killed and at least six others sustained injuries after a mass shooting at a biker bar in California.

New Zealand: Two killed in a mass shooting in Auckland hours before FIFA Women’s World Cup opening match

Three people were critically wounded according to the city's ambulance service, while three others suffered minor injuries.

US: Hispanic man on a scooter goes on a shooting spree in New York City, arrested after killing one and injuring three others

It was revealed that the shooter possessed a .9-mm firearm equipped with an extended clip, capable of inflicting further harm.

Saudi Arabia: Armed man open fires outside US consulate in Jeddah, two dead. Here is what we know so far

According to the US State Department, no Americans were harmed during the attack.

United Kingdom: Islamist Shakeel Afsar threatens Hindu diaspora with a gun, calls them ‘target practice’

After his Instagram story labelling Hindus as 'target practice' went viral on social media, Shakeel Afsar claimed innocence.

Sweden: As migrant influx fuels gang wars and street crime, one-fifth of the population now wants the right to bear arms

In April 2022, the Prime Minister of Sweden Magdalena Andersson said on that the integration of immigrants has failed, and it has fuelled gang crimes in the Scandinavian country.

Mass shooting during a Lunar New Year celebration in Los Angeles leaves 10 dead, shooter still on the loose

Ten individuals were killed in a mass shooting that happened late Saturday in an area east of Los Angeles following a significant Lunar New Year event that attracted thousands of attendees.

Punjab Police asks people to voluntarily remove content glorifying weapons from social media within the next 72 hours

Notably, on November 23, Amritsar Rural Police arrested four people, including a 10-year-old boy and his father, for "glorifying" gun culture, but the FIR was later dropped after it was revealed that the firearm in question was a "toy gun."

USA: At least 10 people die in mass shooting in a Walmart store in Virginia, shooter found dead

At least 10 people died and several more injured in a mass shooting in a Walmart store in Chesapeake in Virginia,

Washington: 15-year-old dead, 3 injured including a police officer in yet another mass shooting, here is what we know so far

The shooting occurred during the Moechella event, a music festival conducted to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans (Juneteenth).

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