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hate crime

JK Rowling breaks Scotland’s new ‘Hate Crime’ law, refuses to bow down to trans politics at the cost of women’s rights

As JK Rowling challenged the Scottish authorities many ‘trans activists’ also pushed for Rowling’s arrest. However, the Scottish Police soon made it clear that the Harry Potter author would not be arrested even though they had received multiple complaints regarding her X posts in question.

Canada: Masked men spray “unknown irritating substance” inside movie theatres screening Hindi movies in the Greater Toronto Area

Unknown substance was sprayed by multiple masked men in theatres in Canada's Greater Toronto where Hindi movies were being played

Indian couple behind New York hate crime involving anti-Semitism and covering up of pictures of Israeli hostages held by Hamas: Details

An Indian couple was identified as the accused in New York hate crime case, involving the covering up posters of Israeli hostages by Hamas.

UK: Indian Hindu family attacked in West Midlands, called ‘Kafir’ but cops claim ‘no evidence’ of racially aggravated offence

According to the BBC, there has been a sharp rise in hate crimes (251% increase) from 2531 (2011-2012) to 8897 (2022-2023) in West Midlands area.

USA: Indian student Varun Raj Pucha passes away a week after knife attack in a gym, accused said ‘stabbed because he was looking weird’

The attacker was arrested after the incident and is now facing charges of violence with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

USA: Sikh youth assaulted in a New York bus left ‘shaken and angered’ after his turban was specifically targeted

A Sikh boy who was attacked in a bus in New York said he is “shaken and angered” by the assault.

India strongly condemns assault on Sikh student in Canada, calls for prompt action

The 17-year-old Sikh student was either “beer or pepper sprayed” by another teenage student after exiting a public transit bus on his way home on September 11.

‘Hindus are victims in India. Do we have any other place to go?’: Daughter of Rajesh Dhar Dubey, killed for supporting PM Modi and...

The deceased man, Rajesh's daughter Pooja said, “Just because he praised Modi-Yogi, Amjad pushed her father Rajesh and pulverised him beneath his car till he died. We are Hindus. My father was a Hindu. Where else can we go? What do we do? We also want justice. For our father and our family."

Chamba murder case: BJP pledges Rs 5 lakh compensation to Manohar’s family, seeks SC-ST Commission’s Intervention

Former CM Thakur, during the protests in Chamba, stated that this amount would help support Manohar's family in their daily lives.

Actor and Islamist Sameer Khan spreads fake news maligning Hindus with allegations of hate crime: Here’s the truth

Actor and Islamist Sameer Khan shared disinformation to defame Hindus and paint them as robbers and attackers.

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