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Umam Khanam, who eulogises JNU freelance protestor Shehla Rasheed and fake news propagator Arfa Khanum Sherwani, in a series of tweets had also claimed 'victimhood' stating that certain students under the influence of alcohol had harassed her.
Khanam's friends have refuted the allegations that she was targeted because of her Muslim identity.
On the 1st of April, this year about 200 Lutyens’ celebrity writers published an open letter appealing to the people of India to “vote out hate politics, in other words, vote out PM Modi
The Junaid murder and now the Gurugram incident where efforts were made to give a crime committed against Muslims a communal colour despite the fact that they were motivated by other factors is part of a larger pattern.
Swarajya reports on the gruesome details of the postmortem of a man, brutally murdered for resisting to convert to Islam
There have been a lot of rumours floating around that Kashmiris are being attacked
Trust a self-proclaimed liberal to paint a terrorist as a victim
IndiaSpend's is best known to have a faulty, flawed and biased database which is often used to peddle agenda and fake narrative, especially, on cow protection in India
Swarajya Magazine's Swati Goel Sharma demolishes IndiaSpend's 'hate tracker' and calls out the bias
The stolen items, however, are yet to be recovered, says crime branch of the Guwahati Police.
It will be too naive to assume that IndiaSpend selected English Media for their source due to sheer naivete.
Some unidentified elements broke into the temple on Diwali night and desecrated the murtis.
Liberal media continues anti-Modi campaign, using misleading and wrong data
Unfortunate incident has been given a communal twist by the usual suspects, terming the death as 'lynching' and 'hate crime'
Shockingly, the parents of the girl justified the crime saying their daughter has committed a 'crime'.
Perhaps it is time 'factchecker' starts taking its name a little more seriously
Police registered a case under IPC section 144, 323, 504 r/w 149.
Kevin and Neenu had married against the wishes of Neenu's family on Friday. Kevin was only 23
I want the rapists to be hanged, right away. But sorry, I am not joining these 'outragers' who have an agenda.
Police investigations reveal the 11 year old girl had lied about being attacked.
She had earlier eloped with the man despite her parents objecting to her love marriage.
Has social media struck another Goliath?
This is a worrying sign from the region in Uttar Pradesh
Advaita Kala pays tribute to Rajesh Edavakode, RSS worker who was killed in Kerala on July 29, 2017.
The partisan agenda is to fill Hindus with guilt and encourage victimhood among 'minority' communities.
There have been many incidents of Lord Shiva’s idols being broken in this month in Uttar Pradesh.
Both the incidents have come to light from South Goa
A BJP leader has claimed that there is more to the story than meets the eye.
The man Manish Agarwal is a resident of village Jalali in Uttar Pradesh
Activists claim that no compensation has been paid to the family of the boy who died due to burn injuries.

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