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hate crime

Laughter and ‘equal reaction’ comment: How SC dismissed arguments after anti-Hindu speeches, Brahmin genocide calls were brought up in hate speech case

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta asked Supreme Court not to justify anti-Hindu hate speech after court said very action has an equal reaction

How safe are we Gujaratis? Politicians continue to dogwhistle against people from Gujarat, making them easy target for hate crime

Are 6.5 crore of us Gujaratis subhumans? How long before such targeted attacks on people of Gujarati community dogwhistled by mainstream politicians is normalised and we are driven out of our homes?

Hate crime in Canada: Sikh student assaulted, his turban ripped off and taken away

Local councillor Mohini Singh added that Gangandeep being Sikh, and from India, were undoubtedly factors in the assault.

Telangana: Mohammed Shabbir sets Hindu man on fire by pouring petrol for applying Holi colours on him

Mohammed Shabbir poured petrol on Anjaiah and set him on fire for applying Holi colours on him despite his opposition

Supreme Court directs 3 state governments to take suo motu action against hate speeches without waiting for complaint, irrespective of religion

In a petition seeking action under UAPA for only anti-Muslim hate speeches, Supreme Court directed suo motu action on all hate crimes

Supreme Court issues notice on petition seeking action under UAPA for so-called anti-Muslim hate crimes

Shaheen Abdullah had filed this petition urging to invoke UAPA against so-called-anti-Muslim hate crimes.

California: Lathan Johnson charged with hate crime against Hindus for attacking several Hindu women wearing saree and bindi

If convicted, accused Lathan Johnson will face a maximum jail term of 63 years. The next hearing in the case will take place on November 4.

Bareilly: Hindu man found murdered, family says he was killed over love affair with madrasa cleric Nisar Ahmed’s daughter

The deceased, identified as Sunil Kumar, a resident of Jianagla village in ​​Bareilly, was killed over an alleged love affair with a girl from the Muslim community in the same village, the family has stated.

The problem with media headlines in the case of a Hindu man, Ankit, who was murdered by Muslim men for dating their sister

Basti Police arrested two brothers identified as Irfan and Irshad and their cousin Israr for murdering a 19-year-old Hindu boy Ankit

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