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Rajasthan has registered highest number of cases and deaths related to Swine Flu till now
Swine Flu has claimed more than 250 lives this year alone. However, Rajasthan has been the worst hit in terms of deaths and the number of cases reported. Gujarat has seen 54 deaths and 1,187 cases reported.
The Congress leader made a statement claiming that he has received reports stating that BJP President Amit Shah does not have any flu
Globally, Men who have sex with Men (MSM) are 24 times more likely to be living with HIV than the general population.
The health department has issued a government resolution to this regard
Foreigners got about 25% of all heart transplants and 33% of lung transplants in the last year.
There is no vaccination for this, but preventive measures should be taken to contain the infection.
In a democracy, the legislative process being hampered by political adventurism
The casual attitude of the hospital is shocking.
India is also scheduled to achieve 90% immunisation against this disease within five years
Just a look at the numbers will tell you things are changing in Uttar Pradesh, for better.
A needless controversy has been created owing to a BJP legislator's rational demand
Four major areas of actions that the government should focus on for overall development.

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