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hindi imposition

Tamil actor Suriya, who opposed Hindi and NEP, shifts to Mumbai for children’s education, netizens call out hypocrisy

In September 2020, Suriya Sivakumar compared the NEET to ‘Manu Dharma' tests.’ and mobilised the public against the pan-India exam.

‘Hindi imposition’ debate: From Congress’ Shashi Tharoor to ThePrint, the hypocrisy and how troubled is being fanned in Tamil Nadu and beyond

Post-2014, it became mandatory for certain politicians and media houses to feign outrage on every Hindi Diwas screaming "Hindi imposition"

‘What’s the harm in learning Hindi as the third language?’ Madras High Court asks Tamil Nadu Government

The Madras HC noted that people from Tamil Nadu will be at a disadvantage if they travel outside the state without understanding Hindi

Zomato controversy: ‘Vikash’ from Tamil Nadu with 6 tweets stirred up a storm, why we find it highly suspicious

How one guy with seemingly zero digital footprints stirs up a storm over missing pepper chicken and 'Hindi imposition'

Fact-check: Does the Railways send SMS updates about ticket status only in Hindi as claimed by Tamil Nadu politicians?

The Railways conveyed that the option to choose the preferred language completely lies with the passengers trying to book e-tickets.

Why Tamil Nadu govt does not want to see the growth of Navodaya Vidyalayas: Some truths about DMK and anti-Hindi agitations

Elements in Tamil movie industry started a campaign of circulating their pictures on social media with the caption ‘I am a Tamil Speaking Indian’ or ‘Hindi Theiyadhu Poda’ – ‘I don’t know Hindi, man!’.

How Dravidian ideologues used ‘opposition to Hindi’ to build their ‘protector of Tamil culture’ image and retain power

We will now look at how they used the plank of opposition to Hindi as a means of building their image as protectors of Tamil culture and native rights and to bring them to power.

The curious case of a ‘Hindi Supremacist’ Twitter account, its Islamist origins and links to widely followed Islamist accounts on the platform

Twitter user Shubham Tripathi which has been trying to fan communal tensions by making regionalist comments is probably run by an Islamist.

Ruling BJD launches protests after AIIMS Bhubaneswar issues notification asking employees to use Hindi language

AIIMS Bhubaneswar issues notification asking employees to use Hindi language, BJD protests alleging Hindi imposition

Associate Editor of The Hindu gets schooled after he cries ‘Hindi imposition’ over ISRO mission names, Gaganyaan and Chandrayaan

People were also surprised at The Hindu Associate Editor's attempt to divide Indians by forcefully trying to fit the 'Hindi imposition' narrative.

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