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In the aftermath of the Pulwama Terror Attack, a concerted attempt by the media was underway to absolve those who share a significant portion of the blame
The fake news report by Hindustan Times claimed that there had been a 23% dip in infra funds when in reality, there had been an 8.2% increase.
Khalid Shah wrote an article asking tough questions of Shah Faesal and the article was rejected by Hindustan times and Indian Express
Despite the woman said no, Prashant Jha has been accused of repeating his efforts to start an affair with a lawyer-journalist
Women have been coming out and sharing their harassment stories
The headlines of the reports regarding the posters failed to reflect ABVP's clarification on the matter.
Indians in London disrupt pro-Khalistan event with loud slogans and music in 'We Stand With India' program at Trafalgar Square in London
Imagine if every wild assertion of every Indian MP were quoted in the foreign press as "Indian official says ..."
Hindustan Times had called the journalist and prominent Right Wingers as trolls
‪If speaking the truth without fear makes me a troll‬, Yes, I am a troll.
Dauntless officers who keep us safe
The Delhi HC also lamented that no organizations and authorities complained about the matter.
Documents available raise questions over the transaction by Sibal and his relationship with one businessman.
When it comes to deaths of Hindus, media shies away
State sponsored advertisements are running as news items
Has social media struck another Goliath?
How media played the cheerleader in building a fake news myth
His tenure saw almost 40 journalists being laid off from HT Media.
She had made the painting following the SC verdict on instant triple talaq.
Hindustan Times journalist writes a lopsided story on Twitter sending notice to Kashmiri users.
Hindustan Times wasn't happy with her achievements
Ayudh Puja, also known as Astra Puja in some parts of India, was linked to Mahatma Gandhi's assassin.
The partisan agenda is to fill Hindus with guilt and encourage victimhood among 'minority' communities.
Even though the evidence was there on video, a Scroll reporter was hell bent on proving what he imagined.
The incident reportedly happened in Rajasthan where a mentally unsound woman was the victim.
An article by Aatish Taseer in NYT has elements that should earn him a label of troll by Barkha Dutt. Will she do that?
A look into the articles before BMC results were announced reveals a lot about 'objectivity' of Indian media.

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