Sunday, March 7, 2021



‘Turn vegan’ anti-slaughter poster in Lucknow featuring goat not related to Eid, claims PETA in an exclusive interview with OpIndia

A massive controversy was kicked up after the Islamic fundamentalists vehemently protested against the PETA poster in Lucknow which showed a goat urging people to go vegan

Uttar Pradesh: Ahead of Bakri Eid, PETA’s appeal to stop goat slaughter infuriates Islamic clerics, bully them into removing hoardings

PETA had put up a hoarding in Qaiserbagh, which displayed a huge picture of a goat and urged people to turn vegan

We will sell it: Watch how some people are hoarding food items to profit amidst the Coronavirus lockdown

People already having large quantities of rations stored in the house are accruing benefits of free food services amidst coronavirus lockdown

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