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Andhra Couple arrested for attempting to convert tribal kids to Christianity

The couple were reported to be teaching the kids Christian prayers

Rohith Vemula frustrated with worldly affairs, did not commit suicide over University action: inquiry commission

A retired judge headed the commission, which has now submitted its report on the much talked about case.

Rohingya Muslims in India – from refugees to a security threat

Rohingyas Muslims allowed to stay India on humanitarian grounds might be becoming a serious security threat for the nation

The fake ‘dog meat’ news reports that sent Hyderabadis into shock

How a rumour about Shah Ghouse using dog meat made into local news media.

HCU student leader quits SFI, blames leftists for using Rohith Vemula’s death for political gains

A damning indictment of Leftists and their means, but is anyone listening?

Dalit Politics in light of Rohith Vemula’s suicide

Why the oppressed narrative is here to stay

Will this issue be the next OROP for BJP?

The mess that Congress has made in earstwhile Andhra Pradesh can be another OROP for BJP

Muslim cleric in India leads special prayer to praise Charlie Hebdo killers

A Muslim cleric in Hyderabad has led a funeral prayer, where he praises the murder of cartoonists the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

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