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OpIndia Exclusive: Bangladesh ISKCON seer rubbishes claims of ‘temple not damaged’, asks whether attack on masjid wall will not be regarded as attack on...

Bangladesh ISKCON seer said that attack on temple wall and godown is attack on temple, as they are part of the temple

OpIndia Exclusive: ISKCON temple desecrated by Islamist mob in Bangladesh, idols vandalised and looted. Here is what we know so far

"We are indebted to you for covering our story. If we don't get media support, then, it will be impossible for Hindus in Bangladesh to even survive," a temple official told Opindia.

Canada: Police arrest three Punjabi Canadians for series of break-ins, vandalism, theft in Hindu temples, Jain temples and Gurudwaras in Toronto, one at large

Three Canada based Punjabi men responsible for the series of break-ins, vandalism and theft that have been happening in Hindu temples in Toronto from November 2021 have been arrested

Punjab: Hindu temple in Amritsar looted, idols vandalised, police say theft, not ‘sacrilege’

The police have stated that it is a case of theft and not 'sacrilege'.

Karnataka: Man arrested for repeatedly vandalising Hindu Gods’ idols, identity withheld for security reasons

The accused told police he was breaking statues of Hindu Gods because he thought people were being fooled into worshipping them

Assam: Hindus reclaim worshipping rights in Mahadevtilla, reinstall Shivling at site desecrated by Christian miscreants

Hindus in Mahadevtilla, Assam re-erect Shivling and plant a new Banyan tree sapling at the same place of worship which some Christians miscreants had vandalised recently.

Assam: Christian miscreants uproot Shivling and Trishul, cut down century-old sacred Banyan tree worshipped by Hindus

A 100-year-old Banyan tree was cut and a Shivling placed under it uprooted and desecrated by Khasi Christians in Assam.

Tripura: Islamists vandalise Kali temple, NSUI and TMCP members stab ABVP worker in Kailashahar

Hindu Kali temple was attacked by a Muslim mob in Kailashahar in the Unakoti district of Tripura and an ABVP leader was stabbed

‘We are Muslims, we took birth to destroy idols’: Video of Bangladeshi cleric calling for the destruction of idols goes viral

"You must remember that I come from a community where the ideology of destroying idols runs in our blood," Muslim cleric says in viral video

Bangladesh: After Durga puja pandals, Islamists target Noakhali Jagannath Temple before Jumma Namaz

Islamists in Noakhali, Bangladesh again targeted the Jagannath Temple before offering Jumma Namaz on Friday (October 22),

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