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Imam Tawhidi

You import garbage; you become weaker: As France burns, old video of Islamic cleric Imam Tawhidi warning West against the import of migrants goes...

Old interview of Imam of Peace went viral in which he warned west about toxic ideology of the Islamic world that is being imported in the name of "cheap labour"

Twitter informs critics of radical Islam that they have broken Pakistani laws

Australian Muslim scholar Imam Tawhidi and Ensaf Haider, wife of jailed Saudi dissident Raif Badawi received notices from Twitter

Pakistani pop singer wanted a Dutch MP killed for blasphemy, this is where she learnt bigotry from

The irony of all this is that Tablighi Jamaat promotes segregation and believes that women should stay at home

Why did The Wire ‘journalist’ Arfa Khanum want an Australian thrown into Indian jail?

They can’t wait for Rahul Gandhi to become PM so that they can return to their ideological roots in the 7th century.

Imam Tawhidi speaks to OpIndia on Islam, India, Narendra Modi, and more

Exclusive interview with Imam Tawhidi, who expresses his views on Islamic radicalism, Pakistan, and other issues.

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