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Congress wants to connect with lakhs of Agniveer aspirants, promising a ‘review’ of the scheme: Why this campaign is dangerous and harmful for India

To enhance national security and development, the Government of India has introduced an extensive scheme of Agniveer for recruitment into the Indian defence forces.

Ram Mandir becomes a flash point in Kerala politics: How IUML is threatening Congress to toe Islamist line while hailing Communists for their stand

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections next year, both Congress and the communists seem to be competing to woo the Islamic extremist outfit, the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), in Kerala.

The juvenile rants of Congress: The outlandish complaints against PM Modi, blaming him for the loss, TheWire whining about Gujaratis and more

When India lost to Australia in the World Cup cricket finals, there was an immediate outrage on two things – One, the crowd at the stadium and two, PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi’s mysterious visit to Uzbekistan, Samantha Power, George Soros, the ‘democracy in danger’ and ‘genocide’ cries: A potential regime change op?

Rahul Gandhi’s mysterious visit to Uzbekistan has created a buzz in India. Why Uzbekistan? Why now, especially when the assembly elections fever is at its peak? We do not have the answers. 

Posters put up outside the Patna BJP office as Opposition leaders’ meeting is underway: Here is why BJP branded Rahul Gandhi as ‘real life’...

Ahead of the Opposition meeting in Bihar's Patna, posters mocking Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as 'real-life Devdas' was put up outside Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) office here. 

How Congress seems to have allied with Islamists and rabid Leftists to sabotage State Visit by an Indian Prime Minister to a friendly nation

PM Modi became the only Indian Prime Minister to address the joint session of the USA Congress twice but Rahul Gandhi tried to sabotage it

Who is the government appeasing: Former CM Bommai slams Siddaramaiah for repealing anti-conversion law, says jeopardising interest of people

Former Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai on Thursday slammed the Siddaramaiah government over its decision to repeal the Karnataka Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Bill, 2022

AAP makes an ‘offer’ to Congress: Leave Delhi, Punjab alone and we won’t contest Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Read what was said

AAP Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj on Thursday came out with an 'offer' for the grand old party Congress

‘Regime change operation?’: Rahul Gandhi paid a secret visit to the White House, a report claims. Here is what the speculations are

There was a detail about Rahul Gandhi USA tour that almost got missed - That he paid a secret visit to the White House.

Rahul Gandhi in the USA talks about Gandhi vs Godse ideology as he chants ‘Jai Bhim’: Here is how he interpreted history all wrong

Rahul Gandhi claimed that India is in an ideological fight between Mahatma Gandhi (Congress) and Nathuram Godse (representing BJP and RSS' thoughts and ideology).

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