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Mamata Banerjee's rally got delayed as a helicopter ride which was to take 22 minutes took 55 minutes
The 21 Bangladeshi nationals had reportedly crossed the border in Tripura two years ago and have been staying illegally in Assam.
Reportedly, most of the Rohingya immigrants had gone to Saudi Arabia carrying Bangladeshi passports which were obtained using fake documents.
Sheikh Hasina won a record third consecutive term in Bangladesh.
Mamata Banerjee has been vocally critical of the BJP led central government over the NRC final draft publication in the state of Assam
Guwahati Railway detained 31 illegal immigrants en route to Bangladesh who had come to India through fraudulent means.
The Bangladeshi immigrants reportedly paid money to cross the border and had been staying illegally in India for three years.
The proposed agreement will enhance connectivity to the land-locked region of the North-East.
The RSS has also formed a committee of lawyers to file petitions in the Kolkata high court seeking legal intervention to implement NRC in West Bengal.
There is an urgent need for serious research, thinking and debate on the topic.
He also said the BSF had prevented the entry of Rohingyas into the country.
The Supreme Court monitored exercise was conducted in Assam to weed out illegal immigrants
Top JMB leader 'Bomber Miyan' had escaped from Bangladesh and has been actively preparing terror modules in India
The NIA has arrested Bangladeshi nationals related to various terror cases in the country
Congress must answer why, after everything Assam has been through, are they playing the dangerous game even today.
Criticising Mamta Banerjee, for her 'hypocrisy' over the NCR issue and for using 'infiltrators as vote bank'
Home Minister Rajnath Singh has repeatedly assured that people can reapply with objections within 30 days
There has been a constant increase of cattle smuggling incidents across the country.
Assam shares a border of 262 kilometers with Bangladesh.

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