Wednesday, May 18, 2022


india-canada ties

Justin Trudeau claims protestors in Canada do not have the right to block economy, had supported ‘protesting farmers’ in India for the exact thing

Justin Trudeau vowed that the Canadian government will do everything necessary to bring the situation under control.

Indian Consulate in Toronto writes to Canada govt over anti-India curriculum being taught at schools, warns it will harm bilateral relations

Despite India raising strong objections, schools in Canada continue to teach anti-India content in schools on farmer protest issue

Pro-Khalistani Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh’s relative under investigation for the attack on Tiranga-Maple rally organised in Canada

A rally taken out by the Indian diaspora in Canada was attacked by Khalistani supports who abused and attacked the participants.

‘Go drink urine’: Pro-Khalistani elements attack ‘Tiranga and Maple rally’ organised by Canadian Indians, insult the Tricolour

Pro-Khalistani elements attack a 'Tiranga and Maple' rally organised by Indian Canadians to celebrate the co-ordination between the two countries.

Canada PM Justin Trudeau praises PM Modi, assures safety of Indian diplomats after Khalistanis protested outside Embassy: Details

Canada PM Justin Trudeau, who had expressed 'concerns' over ongoing 'farmer' protests in India, has now praised Narendra Modi government

Condemn desecration Hindu places of worship: Conservative MP from Canada calls for resettlement of Kashmiri pandits in Kashmir

Canadian Conservative MP Bob Saroya has extended his full support to the Modi government for the resettlement and rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley.

After mouthing platitudes over farmer protest in India, Justin Trudeau’s police cracks down on protestors in Toronto

People in Toronto had taken to the streets to protest against the arbitrary closure of businesses and job loss due to lockdown.

‘No relationship can be one-sided’: Former Indian diplomats slam Trudeau’s continuous support to Khalistani elements in Canada

The letter slammed Trudeau and other Canadian lawmakers for turning a blind eye to the threat of terrorism and unrest, damaging their relationship with India, for their vote bank politics.

Justin Trudeau hates our jawan and our kisan: Here is why our elites still love him

With no provocation, Justin Trudeau waded into the matter, saying he wants to stand up for right to peaceful protest in India

Despite strong protest by MEA, Canada and UK continue to interfere in India’s internal issue, pass statements on farmer protest

Amidst renewed farmer protest, Canada and UK have been exercising unwarranted interference in the internal affairs of India.

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