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The report, however, cautions the government not to trust the strategic intentions of China.
The PLA troops had retreated and pushed back in the recent 73-day Doklam standoff.
In this standoff, only India behaved like a matured sovereign nation, while China's antics were anything but matured.
Times of India and Times Now spread unverified images of Doklam, wrongly attributes it to Bhutanese journalist.
This was the first official meeting between the top officials of India and China ever since Doklam standoff started.
Doklam plateau isn't the only conflict point between the two countries
Chinese state-controlled media has ranted against India again, with variety of threats on platter.
A media outlet under the auspices of the Chinese communist party has ranted at length against India.
Both India and China are strengthening their respective positions by reportedly deploying around 3,000 troops each.
The standoff has happened near Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet border. China accuses that Indian Army crossed over the LAC.

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