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‘Systematic invisibilizing of the Muslims’: Rajdeep Sardesai’s veiled tirade against BJP, makes bizarre comparisons between the party and his colony

Rajdeep Sardesai repeatedly targeted BJP for ignoring Muslims and not providing them with tickets to contest Lok Sabha poll.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh insults party loyalist ‘journalist’ Mausmi Singh who had ‘promoted’ the party in the past, she gets upset: Details

Jairam Ramesh insulted party loyalist journalist Mausmi Singh after she asked a question on Sonia Gandhi's Rajya Sabha election

India Today journalist defends violence by ‘farmer protestors’, lies about farm protest 1.0 too

India Today journalist claimed violence happened at farmer protests because the protesters were not allowed to enter Delhi.

India Today journalist, who said ‘don’t show’ to cameraman recording stone pelting by ‘farmers’, admits protesters pelted stones after getting injured

Several protesters at the Shambhu border in Haryana resorted to stone-pelting, causing injuries to police personnel and civilians.

India Today-CVoter Mood of the Nation survey projects a third term for PM Modi, gives hope to INDI bloc in some states

49% of respondents said that the Congress is better off without the Gandhi parivaar.

Rahul Kanwal takes Rajdeep Sardesai to the cleaners for blaming news channels for the opposition’s pessimism over the inevitability of BJP’s 2024 victory: Watch

Rahul Kanwal questioned Rajdeep Sardesai for blaming the news channels for the perception of BJP's win in 2024 while the opposition had already conceded defeat.

HC rejects India Today’s plea against govt order asking them to run apology scroll for showing liquor ads: Details

Justice Subramonium Prasad dismissed the petition, stating that TV Today had broken Rule 7 (Advertising Code) of the Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994, by displaying the '100 Pipers' logo while advertising 100 Pipers Music CDs.

‘Instead of going to CM’s residence and stuffing face with food or singing melodies in private jets…’: BJP leader Amit Malviya calls out Rajdeep...

Amit Malviya told Rajdeep Sardesai, "I think in your last days as a journalist, you should try and restore some credibility."

BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawala heckled during India Today debate, Preeti Choudhry misquotes him, Rajdeep Sardesai calls him ‘low level’ and more

Shehzad Poonawala's post was reshared by many X users exposing how India Today's 'journalists' ganged up to bully the BJP spokesperson. However, no clarification in this regard is given by the chairperson or the news director of the media group.

Watch Sanjeev Sanyal demolish Devdutt Pattnaik’s attempts to claim ‘Bharat’ is Brahminical imposition, while ‘India’ is ‘secular’ and ‘pluralistic’

Sanyal explains that Pattnaik's claim that the battle of ten Kings happened in the Kurukshetra is entirely wrong. It happened on the banks of Parushni, that is Ravi, Western Punjab.

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