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Republican presidential candidacy hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy aims to end the H-1B visa program, promises to replace it with meritocratic system

GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has vowed to “gut” the system for H-1B temporary worker visas if he wins the presidential elections.

USA: Florida’s Broward County passes resolution recognizing November as Hindu Heritage Month

The resolution reads: "Hinduism is one of the world's largest and oldest religions with over 1.2 billion adherents in over 100 countries and which encompasses an array of diverse traditions and belief systems, also known as "Sanatana Dharma," with core values of acceptance, mutual respect, freedom and peace."

US: Indian-American engineer files lawsuit for discrimination after getting fired for speaking in Hindi during personal call with dying relative

The lawsuit stated that Anil Varshney "scared" his colleague because he couldn't understand what the former was communicating. The coworker then "falsely and intentionally" reported the incident to the police

The Atlantic, Caravan Magazine columnist goes hysterical, calls Indian diaspora ‘termites’ over ‘Hindu homeland’ rant

Vidya Krishnan, columnist with The Atlantic and Caravan Magazine, goes on hysterical rant against Indian diaspora, calls them 'termites'

USA: Hinduphobia gets governmental recognition, July to be recognised as Hindu Persecution Awareness Month in Edison, NJ

Hindu on Campus stated that the recognition of Hindu Persecution Awareness Month is significant, as it has received official governmental recognition now.

Indian American Dr Vivek Murthy appointed as United States President Joe Biden’s surgeon general. Read who he is

Dr Vivek Murthy was involved in leading the US during the outbreak of Ebola and Zika virus between 2014 and 2017.

Meet Dr Romesh Japra, Prominent Indian-American Cardiologist attacked in the USA for supporting Indian farm laws

Recently, in a viral video, a group of protestors were seen gathered outside the house of prominent cardiologist Dr Romesh Japra in California and raising derogatory slogans.

Watch: Tulsi Gabbard shuts down ‘Gujarat riots’ lies against PM Modi with one epic reply

Media has made many attempts to paint Tulsi Gabbard as a supporter of 'violent Hindu nationalism', in the same lines they declare PM Modi as a 'mass-murderer' and blame him for the Gujarat riots.

America’s first Sikh police officer mercilessly shot dead in Houston, India’s foreign minister expresses grief

Sandeep Dhaliwal was a 10-year veteran in the force and the agency's first Sikh police officer

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