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Why Somalia has so many pirates? As Indian Navy rescues another ship, read how Somali pirates came to be a menace in the Indian...

Economic desperation, coupled with the absence of effective governance, led to the emergence of piracy as a lucrative business in Somalia.

‘Vessels of friendly countries welcome’: Maldivian Foreign Ministry confirms Chinese ‘research’ vessel heading to the archipelago for docking

The Maldivian government has clarified that the vessel won't be conducting any research while in Maldivian waters.

Cargo ship with 15 Indians hijacked near Somalia coast, Navy sends missile destroyer INS Chennai to help

In response to the situation, the Indian Navy launched an Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) and diverted INS Chennai, deployed for maritime security operations, to assist the vessel.

No missile tests, no fishing, ‘Arribada’ is happening: Read how Odisha prepares to welcome lakhs of Olive Ridley turtles coming from faraway oceans

Human activity has shifted the odds against the survival of these ancient mariners during the past 200 years. Sea turtles are killed for their meat, eggs, skin, and shells; they are also overfished and subject to poaching. The DRDO has decided to nominate a nodal officer for better coordination with the forest department for the safety of the Olive Ridleys.

Research explains how climate change can trigger extreme weather conditions in the Indian Ocean

Researchers studied how climate change can cause seawater temperatures on one side of the Indian Ocean to be so much warmer or cooler than that on the other side.

Condé Nast Traveller gets ‘fact-checked’ by ocean lovers, gets slammed for ‘negative’ post on whale sharks

Travel magazine gets criticized by ocean lovers for calling a whale shark 'hideous' and 'sea monster'.

Maldives govt drafting bill to outlaw anti-India campaign supported by pro-China ex-President Yameen: Details

The new law will attract a penalty of 20,000 Maldivian Rufiyaa, besides a jail term of 6 months or house arrest of 1 year.

FT refers to India as the ‘weakest link’ in the Quad. How their quoted expert denies conclusion and how they got it massively wrong

Quoting a few experts in foreign policy, FT declared that India is the 'weakest link' of the informal alliance as it had failed to provide necessary vaccines to the nations as it had agreed to in the Quad summit that was held in March.

China’s ‘out-of-control’ rocket debris disintegrates over the Indian Ocean, lands near the Maldives

Notably, the rocket which is uncontrollably falling back to Earth is the same space module whose launch was gloated upon by a Chinese Communist Party body to mock India's handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Sri Lanka asks ship carrying nuclear material for China to leave Hambantota, had docked after developing technical snag

A top official of the Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Authority informed, “The ship failed to declare its dangerous cargo - uranium hexafluoride and we decided to order it to leave our waters immediately.”

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