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With some Muslims feeling unsafe in India, Pakistan should introduce its own version of CAA

Elections have just finished in Pakistan- Whichever government comes, or grabs power, should take up a task in the very first meeting of the cabinet to start a ‘CAA-PAKISTAN’, or CAAPAK (they normally copy us) to accept all those Muslims in India who feel persecuted

‘I lost to a transgender’: Defending champion Swapna Barman says after Telangana’s Nandini Agasara wins bronze medal in Asian Games

Swapna Barman, India's star heptathlete who had won the 2018 Asian Games Gold, finished fourth with 5708 points. She lost the bronze medal by just 4 points. China’s Zheng Ninali claimed the gold medal with a season-best score of 6149 while Uzbekistan’s Ekaterina Voronina placed second with 6056 points.

Massive influx of Indians will not turn our beautiful country into the filth that is India: Australian real estate agent loses licence after racist...

A real estate agent in Australia has been suspended for sending a former Indian tenants a racist email.

Indian student on LSE campus exposes Hinduphobia and anti-India rhetorics, says he was disqualified for being Indian Hindu

In his statement on social media, Kataria pointed out that he was disqualified from running for the post of General Secretary of the LSE Student Union LSESU after a smear campaign was launched against him to paint him as homophobic, Islamophobic, queerphobic, and Hindu nationalist.

‘You’re genociding our race, you’re an invader’: Viral video shows a white man harassing and attacking an Indian man in Poland

A new video of a white man racially harassing and attacking an Indian man in Poland is going viral on the internet.

Russia asks Indian companies to provide parts and services to their defence equipment customers amid Ukraine crisis and sanctions: Report

Russian military equipment manufacturers are asking their Indian allies to provide services and spare parts to their customers

‘It was the British manager who stopped my hijab-clad friend’: Customer clarifies in the Bahrain Indian restaurant controversy

Customer whose friend was stopped from entering Indian restaurant in Bahrain by a British manager gave statement: Watch

Naveen died in shelling, efforts to bring mortal remains initiated by Karnataka CM: Reports

The Indian student Naveen who lost his life on March 1 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, was out of the shelter to buy something from a nearby store.

Under-19 girls’ singles badminton: Tasnim Mir becomes first Indian to rank No.1 in the world

Tasnim Mir, a junior category shuttler, has become the world's number-1 badminton player in the women's singles category of Under-19.

Fiddlehead founder Melinda Byerley goes from calling Indians ‘parasites’ to ‘underprivileged’ in apology that came late: Details

The silicon valley entrepreneur in her Twitter post on Friday ‘thanked’ the netizens for the honest feedback. She further apologized for her statements and for ‘taking too long to understand.’

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