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Pakistanis mad, sad and calling Dubai bad: Here is how confusion over Burj Khalifa Independence Day display became a hot topic on social media

The video narrator says that it is already past midnight but no Pakistan flag has been displayed. "Pakistanis you have been pranked, people are saying you deserve this". The Pakistani public was seen rising Pakistan Zindabad slogans, but Burj Khalifa remains blank.

‘They kept their guns on our heads and chest and looted us’: Indians rescued from conflict-torn Sudan narrate their ordeal

India evacuated over 530 of its citizens using military aircraft and a warship from conflict-torn Sudan.

Indian embassy in Sudan advises citizens to stay indoors amid clashes between army and paramilitary forces

The Indian Embassy in Sudan has asked Indians to stay indoors following army-paramilitary clashes.

German YouTuber and Instagram Influencer abuses Indian street vendors for doing their job

German YouTuber and Instagram influencer Christian Betzmann uploaded Instagram stories abusing Indian street vendors over a slight inconvenience.

Kunal Kamra morphs video of 7-year-old boy who sang patriotic song in front of PM Modi in Germany, father fumes, calls it ‘filthy politics’:...

Ganesh Pol, father of the seven-year-old boy who was praised by PM Modi in Berlin in Germany, called out alleged comedian Kunal Kamra

Indian government trying to rescue every Indian in Ukraine after issuing multiple advisories to leave the country in the lead up to the war

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has said that it is taking measures to bring back around 18,000 Indians from Ukraine

Indian student in Australia Vishal Jood to be released on October 15, was wrongly accused of false crimes by Khalistani elements

Vishal Jood reportedly pleaded guilty to three minor charges of altercations that happened between September 16, 2020, and February 14, 2021.

Danish Siddiqui was identified as an Indian by Taliban, dragged out of a mosque, beaten and executed, body mutilated: Read details

Danish Siddiqui's brutal murder has been whitewashed by the mainstream media and US State Department. He was beaten, riddled with bullets and his body was mutilated by Taliban after they confirmed his identity as an Indian journalist working for Reuters.

From baby being thrown off building on fire to infrastructure damage by rioters: Visuals show South Africa’s descent into civil war

A toddler was thrown from the building as the looters in South Africa had set the building on fire. The kid was caught by a group of people.

South Africa: Indian community takes up arms to defend their businesses as violent riots break out, here is why they may be targeted

In all, 6 people have been killed so far and a total of 489 suspects have been arrested.

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