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Congress and its President Rahul Gandhi released its 2019 Lok Sabha elections manifesto on Tuesday, 2nd April 2019
The Junaid murder and now the Gurugram incident where efforts were made to give a crime committed against Muslims a communal colour despite the fact that they were motivated by other factors is part of a larger pattern.
IndiaSpend, an organization that runs, is known to publish cooked up data and indulge in selective nitpicking to paint a picture where Hindus are always aggressors and Muslims are always victims, especially, in cases related to cow protection
IndiaSpend's FactChecker sinking deeper into the hole it dug for itself by shifting goalposts
Trust a self-proclaimed liberal to paint a terrorist as a victim
IndiaSpend's is best known to have a faulty, flawed and biased database which is often used to peddle agenda and fake narrative, especially, on cow protection in India
Earlier, too, has fudged up data to show that more Muslims are victims of 'hate-crime' than Hindus
This is not the first time either Shashi Tharoor or Swati Chaturvedi have lied
Swarajya Magazine's Swati Goel Sharma demolishes IndiaSpend's selective reportage on so-called hate crimes.
The founding trustee of Indiaspend,'s parent organization, is now the Data Analytics head of Congress party, and now, the same organisation is being used by Congress to spread anti-Hindu propaganda
Swarajya Magazine's Swati Goel Sharma demolishes IndiaSpend's 'hate tracker' and calls out the bias
The prime narrative the party adopts is creating a fear psychosis amongst the minority community
The BBC has been busy removing its Fake News research from its website, uploading it, then removing it again.
It will be too naive to assume that IndiaSpend selected English Media for their source due to sheer naivete.
BBC published a research paper on 'fake news' that itself can be termed as fake news
Liberal media continues anti-Modi campaign, using misleading and wrong data
Perhaps it is time 'factchecker' starts taking its name a little more seriously
Firstpost and IndiaSpend use dishonest headlines to push an agenda.
A dangerous lie is being spread across media outlets that "97% of cow related violence" happened after Modi came to power.
A response by Anand Ranganathan about use of data to prove whether mob lynchings have gone up.
They may not be directly sponsored or conceived by the party, but read why such narratives help the Congress.

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