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Bhavish Aggarwal vs LinkedIn: Ola co-founder snubs big tech censorship on ‘pronoun illness’, snaps ties with Microsoft Azure

Bhavish Aggarwal also highlighted the steps taken by his ride-sharing service to promote genuine inclusivity and diversity.

‘Hoping that this pronoun illness doesn’t reach India’: Ola co-founder slams woke culture, speaks out about schools brainwashing kids

Bhavish Aggarwal raised alarm about multinational companies indoctrinating unsuspecting Indians with 'pronoun illness.'

‘Call of Duty’ goes woke, ‘cancels’ streamer for objecting to ‘LGBTQ+ curriculum’ for school kids. Here is what happened

Netizens and fans of the online streamer alike were aghast at the attempt of Call of Duty to 'cancel' Nicholas Kolcheff.

‘Influenced by mosque, don’t want to convert, but want to pray’: Hindu girl living with ‘Muslim friend’ wants to offer namaz, claims threats from...

Uttarakhand High Court directed the local police station in charge to provide security to a Hindu woman wanting to offer namaz at Piran Kaliyar mosque in the state's Roorkee area.

Pervasive surveillance, indoctrination, and state repression: Tools employed by China against Tibet’s Buddhist monasteries

Under authoritarian leader Xi Jinping, China has displayed an eager alacrity to subjugate the Buddhist monks and nuns and seize control of the Tibetan monasteries

Reviving Indian Textbooks: The Barkha files

Barkha Dutt's story was found in textbooks Indian students read

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