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In essence, Jawaharlal Nehru was a Bharat Ratna because he went where no Indian kid has ever gone before. He was free from comparisons with the proverbial Sharmaji ka beta
After decades of neglect successive governments, PM Modi has given greater importance to the development of north-eastern
The nay-sayers are either upholding secrecy, or are naive
Nation chooses to remain closemouthed about ISIS taking root in the country, and the silent battle India is fighting on that front.
The Naxals seem unnerved after heightened action by security forces
Earlier the Mehbooba Mufti government had decided to withdraw cases against the stone pelters
Security forces recover 882 detonators, 482 in East Singbhum's Digri.
This is in line with the army's sustained efforts to eradicate terrorism from the valley
The arrest of a top Maoist commander has threatened to shatter the prevalent narrative

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