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Countries like Canada and Sweden welcome refugees who are persecuted, but why do Pakistan Hindus fail to get this helping hand?
Many globals powers refrained from siding with Pakistan and have defended India's right to self-defence, while also calling for restraint.
Guwahati Railway detained 31 illegal immigrants en route to Bangladesh who had come to India through fraudulent means.
In January, India will join 46 other countries as fellow members in the UN's top human rights body.
This is the second time India defied the US in a week after it signed the S-400 missile deal with Russia
Yameen had conceded defeat to Ibrahim Mohammad Solih on September 24 this year.
The Janata party government in the late seventies had formed a committee under Raj Narain to look into the circumstances surrounding the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri.
The ground realities are way different than what is touted by Indian media
The US will urge Pakistan to take concrete steps to stop terrorist activities on its soil.
Chabahar is one of the most important strategic areas of influence for India
The investment deal in Chabahar was signed by PM Modi in May 2016.
The left-wing virtue signalling activists are noting but intolerant bunch of authoritarian maniacs.
In this standoff, only India behaved like a matured sovereign nation, while China's antics were anything but matured.
While China is an apparent stronger 'enemy', the equations are not as lopsided as they may appear.
An analysis of what Pakistan might try to do now, and whether it may succeed in its designs.
This visit by PM Modi is very significant for a variety of reasons
China is constructing a road in an area it claims as its territory, which has led to tensions with India.
Switzerland has ratified automatic exchange of financial account information with India.
Modi is currently on a four nation tour in Europe and Russia. German media treated the tour with the importance.
If Pakistan defies the ICJ order, India can move to the UN Security Council to seek justice for Kulbhushan.
Modi spoke to Trump last night and this is what you need to know, for some fun.

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