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Rahul Kanwal and India Today peddle fake news about Gorakhnath Temple

German Magazine sacks ‘award winning’ journalist who invented stories, when will Indian media follow suit

In India, too, many have cast aspersions on 'award-winning' journalists who regularly share 'source-based' fantasies masquerading as news

Opposition and sympathetic media lies, obfuscates, flip-flops about the CBI fiasco to undermine Modi govt

Opposition parties and activists have ignored allegations against Alok Verma

CBI’s case against Rakesh Asthana is based on a Whatsapp display picture and a man accused of corruption

There are several weak links in allegations against Rakesh Asthana

OpIndia Impact : IT Dept launches investigation into the business dealings of Kapil Sibal and his wife

OpIndia broke this story in March 2018, now, Income Tax Dept launches an investigation
Police deployed in UP town fearing communal tensions after Muslim 'pradhan' rapes Hindu girl

Police deployed in UP village fearing communal tensions after Muslim ‘pradhan’ rapes a minor girl

The police has taken precautions for what it feels might be result in communal tension

The mysterious death of DYSP Ganapathy and the investigation that followed

The unanswered questions and quest for justice

U-turn by Kapil Sibal? He accepts buying a Delhi based firm, two months after denying information

While responding to a story by broken by, Kapil Sibal accepted to have acquired Grande Castello.

Kerala’s catholic church and its cardinal under scanner for shady land deals

Serious accusations have been made regarding the matter

Reports allege loopholes in victim’s allegations against Haryana BJP chief’s son in stalking case

Reports have alleged discrepancies in the call records of the victim

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