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Because it is 97% Muslim: Former Indian Express ‘journalist’ Irena Akbar explains real reason behind supporting tourism in Lakshadweep

As expected, Irena Akbar made it clear that she would not boycott Maldives (a country which has a 98.4% Muslim population).

Muslim journalist repeats claim about Prophet Mohammad’s marriage with young Ayesha, which was pointed out by Nupur Sharma, wins praise by Islamists instead

Unlike Nupur Sharma, Irena Akbar received neither abuse nor death threats since she happens to be a co-religionist of the Islamists.

Former Indian Express journalist Irena Akbar floats conspiracy theory, claims that deceased Shani Louk wore bikini and was not stripped by Hamas terrorists

"It could be possible that when she was killed, she was wearing a bikini or other skin-exposing garment," Irena Akbar said.

Pakistanis celebrate as prominent Gulf personalities joined hands with Indian Muslims in targeting the beleaguered Hindus in the Middle East

Pakistanis laud the effort of Indian Muslims who have ganged up to get Hindus living in Gulf countries evicted for their online comments

Bunch of Indian Muslim handles gang up to target Hindus living in Middle East, send them to jail by branding them ‘Sanghis’ and accusing...

There appears to be a sinister attempt underway to target Hindus by a section of Indian Muslims on Twitter

“Dalits gang-raped and killed Muslims in 2002”: Ex-Indian Express journalist hates on Dalits, says ‘Muslims owe them nothing’

Former Indian Express journalist and rabid Islamist Irena Akbar today took to Twitter to spew venom and hate on Dalits.

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