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Former Indian Express journalist Irena Akbar floats conspiracy theory, claims that deceased Shani Louk wore bikini and was not stripped by Hamas terrorists

It could be possible that when she was killed, she was wearing a bikini or other skin-exposing garment," the former Indian Express 'journalist' said.

A day after Hamas terrorists stripped a German woman and paraded her dead body on a pickup truck, former Indian Express ‘journalist‘ Irena Akbar came out in defence of the terrorists on Sunday (8th October) morning.

In a tweet, she wrote, “The woman, whose body was being taken in a pick-up truck, has been identified as Shani Louk, a German-Israeli dual citizen who was reportedly attending a music festival. First, this is NOT an etiquette of war in Islam to attack women, and hence this is condemnable.”

The ex-scribe put out a token condemnation over the death of Louk only because ‘attacking women during war’ is supposedly against the tenets of Islam. Then, she proceeded to suggest that the victim was not stripped as she was not ‘fully naked.’

“The woman is not fully naked, as parts of her upper & lower body are covered. If you check the Instagram account of Shani Louk (@shanukkk), you would see pictures she posted of herself wearing bikins or other skin-exposing outfits,” Irena Akbar brazened it out.

She claimed that the victim could have been ‘partially naked’ at the time of her killing and not necessarily stripped by Hamas terrorists. “It could be possible that when she was killed, she was wearing a bikini or other skin-exposing garment,” the former Indian Express ‘journalist’ said.

“…I am being factual here, based on evidence from her own Instagram account where she would post pictures of herself in such clothes. So, it cannot be ruled out that Shani (with all due respect to her) was wearing a bikini or other similar garment when she was killed or captured,” she further alleged.

Ex-Indian Express ‘journalist’ defends Hamas

Irena Akbar wrote, “And hence, it is possible that she was NOT stripped by the Hamas militants. However, as Islam prescribes modesty for women and men, and respect for the dead, the militants should have covered her body with a cloth or sheet, and treated it respectfully, or not attack her at all.”

She then resorted to mental gymnastics and asked why people, who hail bikinis as a symbol of ‘freedom’, are raising concerns about seeing a woman’s uncovered body. The ex- Indian Express ‘journalist’ conveniently glossed over the fact that the victim was murdered, stripped and paraded by Hamas terrorists.

“So, let’s be fair before jumping to outrage, or celebration. Also, I have a question for non- Muslims: You often share pictures of bikini- clad Iranian women on beaches before the Islamic Revolution of 1979. You lament that the women were “free and liberated” in Iran before Shariah law was adopted,” Akbar remarked.

“You use the bikini as a symbol of freedom and liberation for Muslim women of Iran, and you contrast that with the hijab, a symbol of “oppression” under Iran’s mandatory hijab law. So, why do you have a problem when Shani Louk was possibly wearing a bikini (when she was sadly captured)?” she brazened out.

“Why do you have a problem when her almost-naked body could be publicly seen? Are you again using a woman’s uncovered body to make a point against Palestinians, and Muslims?” the former ‘scribe’ concluded.

Irena Akbar thanked Coronavirus pandemic, had expressed hate for Dalits

In April 2021, Irena Akbar stirred the hornet’s nest by thanking Allah for the Coronavirus pandemic.

She claimed “If it weren’t for Covid, Indian Muslims would’ve been in detention camps. I’m NOT being grateful for the virus which killed my aunt, sent my dad to the ICU & is causing tragedies across homes. I’m stressing the fact that while fascists were making their plans, God was making His.”

Comments by Irena Akbar
Comments by Irena Akbar

“It’s between the devil & the deep blue sea for IMs. Either die/live in fear of Covid OR die/live in fear of anti-Muslim state violence. At least the former doesn’t specifically target us & the public will eventually question the state. But in latter, the public would rejoice it,” she added.

In February 2020, she asserted that Dalits should never be trusted by the Muslim community. The Islamist claimed that the Dalits were the ‘foot soldiers’ when communal riots broke out in Gujarat in 2002 after a Muslim mob engineered the Godhra train carnage.

Hateful tweets by Irena Akbar

“They did the dirty job of gang-raping and killing Muslims. I have never trusted them. They are ill-treated by their upper-caste Hindu brothers, not by Muslims. We owe them nothing,” she wrote. Irena Akbar also called for boycotts of business establishments run by Hindus. 

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