Monday, July 4, 2022


Islamic preachers

Radical Palestinian preacher calls Hindus ‘filthy cow worshippers’, urges Pakistanis to fight Hindus on border, watch video

Palestinian Islamic preacher Nidhal Siam referred to Hindus as "filthy cow worshipers" while addressing the gathering

Gujarat: Five Muslim men including one Maulvi arrested for forced religious conversion in Bharuch

Mass conversions were recently reported in Gujarat where members of Vasava community (Scheduled Tribe) were forcefully converted to Islam

From women having big breasts in paradise to Satan entering the body of those who don’t chant ‘Bismi’ while having sex: The absurd utterances...

Kerala might be known for high literacy rates but it is also infamous for being home to a bunch of unhinged Islamic preachers

Kerala: Islamic scholar says shopping malls are haram because women might visit beauty parlours and look at other men

"Muslims who visit malls are tarnishing the image of the whole community", Salafi stated.

Islamic preacher says Muslims should not join Indian Air Force because it is haram to fight for non-believers

Islamic preacher Assim Al-Hakeem said that it is not 'permissible' for Muslims to join the Indian Air Force as pilots.

Islamic preacher labels Navratri as ‘Kufr’, advises man to divorce his wife for fasting during the Hindu festival

Assim Al-Hakeem claims to teach the authentic sayings of the Quran and the Hadiths during his appearances on Huda TV and Zakir Naik's Peace TV

On 97th anniversary of Kohat riots, read how the facade of ‘Hindu-Muslim unity’ of Khilafat movement had collapsed leading to exodus of Hindus

The entire Hindu community from Kohat in present day Pakistan had fled the place after deadly attacks by Muslims in the area

UP: ATS unearths religious conversion racket being operated as ‘motivation camps’, Zakir Naik link emerges

ATS probe reveals how Islamists are running religious conversion racket using motivational speeches in schools with inducements

Camel urine is pure, can be used to treat diseases, but cannot say the same about cow urine: Zakir Naik

"Drinking of camel urine is a common practice (among Muslims). It is coming down from centuries in the Arab (world)," Zakir Naik said

Dhaka: Leader of radical Islamist group Hefazat-e-Islam, which is leading riots against PM Modi’s Bangladesh visit, arrested in 2020 violence case

Hefazat-e-Islam leader Mamunul Haque is known for is known for his hate speech and aggressive sermons

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