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Islamic preachers

As Hamas desecrates Shani Louk’s naked body, old tweet of Leicester violence provocateur Mohammed Hijab viral, had called for enslavement of Non-Muslims

The controversial tweet by Mohammed Hijab went viral at a time when Hamas terrorists were leaving no stone unturned to desecrate the bodies of female Israelis.

Old video of Leicester violence provocateur Ali Dawah, calling for the execution of apostates in Islamic land, goes viral

The original video, calling for the killing of apostates, was published on the YouTube channel of the Ali Dawah on August 15, 2020.

Pakistan-origin Islamic preacher attends religious events, one such in AMU, while visiting India on a tourist visa, complaint filed

Legal Rights Protection Forum has filed a complaint against Islamic preacher Saqib Iqbal Shami who visited India on a tourist visa but attended Islamic conferences

Qatar, which got offended by Nupur Sharma’s remarks on the Prophet, invites radical preacher Zakir Naik who made same comments

Radical Islamic preacher Zakir Naik is in Qatar to deliver religious sermons during the FIFA World Cup 2022.

UP: Maulana Jarjis, who called men ‘bh*dwas’ for not putting women in Burqa, sentenced to 10 years in jail for rape and blackmail

Maulana Jarjis was charged with raping a woman and then intimidating her by making a video of her.

17 Bangladeshi nationals arrested in Assam for preaching Islam on tourist visas, had returned after being sent back

One Bangladeshi preacher and 16 of his disciples arrested in Assam for preaching religion on tourist visas

Radical Palestinian preacher calls Hindus ‘filthy cow worshippers’, urges Pakistanis to fight Hindus on border, watch video

Palestinian Islamic preacher Nidhal Siam referred to Hindus as "filthy cow worshipers" while addressing the gathering

Gujarat: Five Muslim men including one Maulvi arrested for forced religious conversion in Bharuch

Mass conversions were recently reported in Gujarat where members of Vasava community (Scheduled Tribe) were forcefully converted to Islam

From women having big breasts in paradise to Satan entering the body of those who don’t chant ‘Bismi’ while having sex: The absurd utterances...

Kerala might be known for high literacy rates but it is also infamous for being home to a bunch of unhinged Islamic preachers

Kerala: Islamic scholar says shopping malls are haram because women might visit beauty parlours and look at other men

"Muslims who visit malls are tarnishing the image of the whole community", Salafi stated.

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