Sunday, October 17, 2021


Islamic State

French cement company Lafarge paid ISIS terrorists millions to keep Syria factory running, can be charged with ‘crimes against humanity: Details

Lafarge had earlier admitted to bribing middlemen to negotiate with terror groups in Syria, to keep their Jalabiya factory running in the country during the conflict.

‘Taliban denying ISIS link is like Pakistan denial on Quetta Shura’: As Biden gives clean chit to Taliban, here is what Afghan President Amrullah...

Earlier, Saleh had accused Pakistan of setting up terrorist factories and camps that provide explosives materials to the Taliban to create chaos in Afghanistan. He had called Quetta Shura nothing else but a title for the Pakistani military to implement their plans.

Who are the ISKP? The group that has claimed responsibility for Kabul airport attack, active in India too

Several Indian Muslims had travelled to Afghanistan to join the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP).

Columnist for Pakistani newspaper suggests USA should consider India a ‘possible suspect’ behind Kabul bombing

Daily Times (Pakistan) columnist, has suggested that the USA should consider India as a 'possible suspect' behind the Kabul suicide bombing.

British Islamist preacher urges Taliban go even more hardline, wants them to stone adulterers and chop hands of thieves

Anjem Choudary also insisted that non-Muslims living in Islamic countries must pay 'jizya' tax, which was at one point levied on Hindus under Mughal rule

Kerala: Two women arrested for pro-ISIS activities in Kannur

Shifa Harris and Misha Siddique were arrested from Kannur by a team of National Investigation Agency(NIA)

Kerala-based journalist reveals Islamist organisation Jamaat-e-Islami is receiving funds from Saudi Arabia universities to ‘Islamise’ India

Journalist MP Basheer reveals that Jamaat-e-Islami receiving funds from King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia to promote Islam in India

Record number of foreign students apply for admission to Kerala University, most from Iraq and Afghanistan

The Kerala university has received a record number of 1042 applications for various courses and research departments

The Machh Massacre: Massive protests end in Balochistan over murder of Hazara coal miners by terrorists, Imran Khan makes insensitive remark

The Machh massacre of Hazaras involving coal miners from the Hazara community occurred in Balochistan.

Niger witnesses deadly terrorist attack by Boko Haram jihadis, village burned, 27 people killed

Boko Haram terrorists had attacked a village in Niger a day before regional elections. They burned most of the village and killed 27 people.

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