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Muslim League leader Abdurahiman Randathani slams Kerala govt for teaching ‘masturbation and homosexuality’ to children, objects to ‘mixed seating’

Randathani spoke at a United Democratic Front (UDF) protest event in Kannur on Tuesday, criticising the Left government's proposed education reforms, which included mixed seating plans in classrooms and gender-neutral uniforms.

Kerala: Missing doctor from Kasargod found dead after Muslim League leaders had threatened him in his clinic, Hindu groups demand strict action

According to a report by Organiser, the doctor had received threats from leaders of the Muslim League and some other locals to extend support to another dental hospital recently opened in town. The doctor had also received extortion threats and was forced to shut his clinic or face threatening consequences, as per the report.

Kerala Muslim body head slams state govt’s ‘gender-neutral’ policy, says it is ‘dangerous’ to allow boys and girls to sit together in classrooms

Kerala Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) general secretary in charge, PMA Salam has claimed that it is dangerous to allow boys and girls to sit together in school classes

Decision to increase marriageable age of girls to 21 against Muslim Personal Law: IUML moves motion in Parliament

The adjournment motion was moved by Muslim League MPs Abdul Wahab, ET Muhammad Basheer and Abdussamad Samadani.

‘Even prostitutes have opinions’: IUML dissolves women wing after they refused to retract sexual harassment complaint, were called ‘infertile’

The women members of Haritha have, in turn, threatened to move the court after the parent organisation IUML dissolved the state committee

The Marad Massacre of 2003: 17 years later, the conspiracy against Hindus by the nexus between Islamists and Leftists stands forgotten

The Marad massacre by Islamists and Leftists that shook the country in 2003 is unspoken of 17 years later.

Anti-CAA protests: Kerala Church holds IUML organised Namaz after Youth Congress leader and AIPC State President convinced Church

The Kerala Church in Ernakulam allowed anti-CAA Muslim protestors to offer namaz at its premises

Congress allies with IUML and Shiv Sena: Lust for power dictates coalition politics now, not respect for constituent and ideology

The fall of one-party dominant system or what famous political scientist Rajni Kothari termed as ‘Congress System’ in the 1970s led to an era of coalition politics.

Hindu massacres and a demand for Sharia: The story of Rahul Gandhi’s ally IUML, an offshoot of Jinnah’s Muslim league

Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), which claims to be born after Indian Independence in 1948, is actually an off-shoot of Pakistan founder and Islamist Mohammad Ali Jinnah's All India Muslim League (AIML).

Scores of Muslim League flags seen at Rahul Gandhi’s road show at Wayanad, despite concerns expressed by Congress

A huge number of Muslim league flags were witnessed at Wayanad today at the Congress President's roadshow. Videos have been circulating on social media where scores of green flags with the Islamic crescent and star were seen.

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