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Scanned footage from over 1,000 CCTV cameras: Police narrate how ₹25 crore Delhi burglary case was solved, ‘Super Thief’ arrested with 18 kg gold...

Lokesh Srivas, who stole jewellery worth around ₹25 crore from a jewellery store in Delhi, was arrested from Chhattisgarh

Denmark plans to exempt Ukrainian refugees from controversial ‘jewellery law’ that allows police to seize valuables from immigrants to fund their stay

In 2016, Denmark introduced Jewellery Law allowing police to confiscate valuables from immigrants and asylum seekers

Gujarat: Diwali brings bumper sale for Surat, spike seen in textile, electronics and jewellery

Diwali festivities brings cheer as economy begins to revive as people go shopping a year after the celebrations were marred due to coronavirus pandemic.

Jewel heist in France: Bvlgari showroom robbed in Paris, suspects fleeing in BMW arrested

The French police chased the three accused down near the Les Halles shopping mall, which is located about 3 km away from the Bulgari boutique.

Kalyan Jewellers claim Mughals introduced nose rings in India, corrects misinformation after public outrage

Kalyan Jewellers sparked a controversy after it claimed that nose rings were first introduced in India by the Mughals.

Gold hallmarking mandatory from today, first phase to be initiated in 256 districts. Details

Mandatory hallmarking will protect the public against lower caratage and ensure consumers are not cheated while buying gold ornaments.

Pune: Police tricks caretaker-turned-thief into arrest through romantic social media chats

Pune Police created a fake Facebook account posing as a "woman" and lured the thief into meeting him at a place where the police officials arrested him

Finally a Hindu-Muslim union that can be called “interfaith”, and it’s fictional

The new Tanishq jewellery advertisement projects a fictional 'interfaith' union while in reality a Dipika will have to become a Faiza

Telangana: Farmer ploughing field finds pots with gold and silver ornaments

As per the New Indian Express report, a total of 25 pieces of ornaments were found in those pots.

With tomato becoming precious commodity in Pakistan, a Pakistani bride trolls economy by wearing tomato jewellery at her wedding

A video has gone viral on social media where a bride in Pakistani is wearing tomato jewellery at her wedding as tomatoes retail at Rs 320/kg

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