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625 arrests including 65 ISIS terrorists, 1040 raids, 513 chargesheets, 74 convictions: How NIA battled terrorists and achieved 94.7% conviction rate in 2023

In 2023, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) attached assets valued at approximately Rs 56 crores and achieved an astounding conviction rate of 94.70 percent in its battle against terrorism.

Exclusive details of fact-finding report on Jihadi violence in Bengal during Ram Navami: Role of Police, Mamata Banerjee, false cases against Hindus and more

Fact-finding team led by Justice Narasimha Reddy said Bengal Police allowed violence during Ram Navami by Jihadis

As 2022 comes to an end, here is a quick recall of the worst jihadi moments of the year in India

Jihad is an Islamic duty of a believer Muslim and he is supposed to fight against the enemies of Islam - a term that essentially covers everyone and everything that is non-Muslim - till the end of the universe.

‘Jihadis will behead you, it is Allah’s order’: Bihar Professor receives ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ threat letter, accused of abusing Muslim women

Prem Mohan Mishra, a professor at Lalit Narayan Mithila University, said he had received 'Sar Tan Se Juda' threat letter.

Assam govt directs private madarsas to provide information about their location, profile of teachers, to Secondary Education Dept by Dec 1: Details

Assam govt asked private madarsas to provide information about their institution including location and profile of teachers employed

Assam: Enraged locals in Goalpara raze madrasa where Islamic terrorists from Bangladesh were working, cleric was arrested earlier

The inhabitants of Goalpara town deliberately razed a madrasa and a house close to it on Tuesday. A cleric of the madrasa was arrested for terrorism links.

‘Islam inherently violent’, ‘Quran plagiarised’: What Musa Cerantonio, an ISIS terrorist in Australia who abandoned Islam after 17 years of converting to it, said

Cerantonio, an ISIS terrorist, noted that Islam is intrinsically violent and that no one should expect anything less.

Twitter blinks, restores Kashmiri journalist Aarti Tikoo’s account after locking her for raising alarm over death threats to her brother

Twitter informed the lawyer of Aarti Tikoo that her account has been restored, and therefore case has become infructuous

Spike in targeted killing of Hindus in Kashmir stirs panic, more than 1400 Kashmiri Pandits flee to Jammu

After several targeted killing of non-Muslims in Kashmir, around 1400 Kashmiri Pandits flee to Jammu fearing dreaded days of 1990s have returned

Grave of Islamic Jihadi Terrorism will be dug by India: VHP announces nationwide protest against targeted killings in Kashmir

The best way to end Islamic terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is to safely rehabilitate the exiled Kashmiri Hindus, wrote VHP

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