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Uttarakhand: Two Muslim youths molest Hindu girl, Muslim mob raise ‘Allah hu Akbar’ slogans in a show of strength when Hindus protest

When Hindu protested against alleged harassment of a Hindu girl by two Muslim youths, a Muslim mob gathered near a mosque in Uttarakhand and raised 'Nara-e-Takbeer and Allah hu Akbar' slogans and created a ruckus, in a show of strength

Bangladesh: After vandalising Durga Puja pandals, radical Islamists launch anti-India protest in Dhaka, clash with police

Frenzied mob of Islamists in Bangladesh took to the streets after offering Jumma Namaz to raise anti-India slogans, and threw sandals and bricks

When nation thanked doctors and servicemen, Abul Fazal colony in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar decided to shout ‘Azaadi’ slogans. Watch video

Jamia Nagar residents in Delhi’s Abul Fazal enclave chanted ‘Azaadi’ slogans at 5 PM during the Janta Curfew.

The ‘students’ at Mumbai’s Gateway of India protesting against JNU violence show up with ‘Free Kashmir’ posters

In a protest held in Mumbai against JNU violence yesterday, some protesters were seen holding 'Free Kashmir' posters

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