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BBC ‘fact checker’, who had dubbed delta strain of Covid-19 as ‘Indian variant’, had lied on her CV to get the job

Despite her checkered past, Marianna Spring was hailed by 'The Guardian' as a supposed crusader against 'disinformation and hate' on social media.

West Bengal: Police arrest Anandabazar Patrika journalist after report on hooch dealers in Kharagpur, BJP says

Journalist arrested in WB after reporting about illicit alcohol trade, BJP highlights silence by left-liberals

White House comes out in defence of WSJ ‘journalist’ Sabrina Siddiqui: How right to criticise is not harassment, the hypocrisy of Biden admin and...

The White House is now getting worked up over average Indian citizens questioning the motives of a Pakistani-origin American journalist.

Alt News co-founder Zubair comes out in defence of ‘anti-India’ journalist Sabrina Siddiqui, cites her ‘Two-nation theory’ loving forefather to prove patriotism

Sabrina Siddiqui cunningly raked up the issue of the 'treatment of Muslims' to give the impression that they are being ill-treated in India.

‘Obama insults India because it’s a Hindu country’: what Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charles Krauthammer said in 2015

Charles Krauthammer said, "Obama is essentially insulting India because it is a Hindu country. It is not Muslim."

Dainik Bhaskar distances itself from the ‘journalist’ who was seen arguing rudely with Smriti Irani, says not our employee

Following the clarification of Dainik Bhaskar that the 'journalist' in the viral video is not associated with the Hindi daily, Smriti Irani took potshots at the Congress party.

Punjab and Haryana HC says arrest and custody Times Now cameraman and driver is illegal: Read details of what the court said and how...

Interim bail of Times Now reporter Bhawana Kishore extended till May 22, Punjab and Haryana High Court questioned why driver and cameraperson were arrested

Forced to use the toilet with its door opened: Times Now journalist Bhavana Kishore narrates her ordeal after Punjab police arrested her, breaks down

Times Now Navbharat report Bhawana Kishore said she was forced to use the washroom without locking the doors at the police station

The News Minute Executive editor wants to repeat the Communist fantasy of gulag, where millions died. Read what he said and what they are

Sudipto Mondal was enraged at the sight of lakhs of people, waiting in anticipation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's roadshow in Bengaluru.

Punjab and Haryana High Court grants interim bail to Times Now journalist Bhawana Kishore after lower court granted 14-day police custody

Bhavana Kishore, video journalist Mritunjay Kumar and driver Parminder were arrested by the Punjab Police while covering an AAP event on Friday, May 5.

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