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judicial activism

Judicial verdicts, if ill-conceived or plain wrong, can have serious consequences: Judicial activism, Electoral Bonds verdict and ramifications

SC led by our Hon. CJI, Justice Chandrachud, has created a serious situation by its activism on the Electoral Bonds issue

No crackers shall be burst in religious places at odd time: Kerala High Court orders raid on all religious places to seize ‘illegal’ firecrackers

"Even if the licences are issued, they should not be issued, for bursting causes noise and air pollution also. Crackers are busted at odd hours disturbing peace," the court noted.

Historic parliamentary mandate was undone by SC using judicially evolved doctrine: VP Dhankar lambasts judiciary over scrapping of NJAC

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar said that NJAC was scrapped by SC using judicially evolved doctrine of 'Basic Structure' of Constitution.

Judicial overreach? Every constitutional lacuna is not for the Judiciary to fill: Why contempt accused Prashant Bhushan’s latest petition is problematic

The Constitutional Bench is sitting to hear on the matter of the process of selection of Election Commissioners by Prashant Bhushan

Is ‘Nimbooz’ a lemonade or a fruit juice? Supreme Court to decide

Supreme Court has stepped in to answer the buzzing question whether Pepsico's 'Nimbooz' is a fruit drink or a lemonade

Retired Supreme Court Judge bats for judicial overreach, asks SC to bypass Legislature, strike down sedition law and UAPA

"We had the China and Pakistan wars. Thereafter, we introduced the draconian legislation- UAPA", said retired SC judge RF Nariman.

Why I am worried as a private citizen over what happened in Supreme Court today over farm laws

Today the Supreme Court was hearing a bunch of petitions challenging the constitutionality of the three recently passed farm laws.

Karnataka High Court orders SHO to clean road for failing to register FIR, cops to file appeal: Here are full details

The court observed that the problem, primarily, is one of the police officers not complying with the procedure prescribed under the Code of Criminal Procedure, which places a high premium on the guarantee of liberty of the individuals.

For Dushyant Dave, Arnab getting an urgent hearing in SC is ‘abuse of power’, but all is well when he himself or friends get...

In his letter, Dave has written against "selective listing" of matters by the SC Registry and had gone to the extent of calling it as a ‘gross abuse of administrative power’.

Yogendra Yadav just admitted that politics is not just elections, and he is right, here is what all politics really is

Yogendra Yadav is busy on news channels on the day that results of the Bihar Assembly Elections are declared.

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