Wednesday, June 16, 2021


juhi chawla

‘Juhi Chawla filed 5G lawsuit for publicity. Dismissed’: Delhi High Court imposes 20 lakh fine

Juhi Chawla had filed a petition in the Delhi HC against the 5G rollout, alleging that it could be danger of imminent nature.

Watch: Unidentified man sings ‘Meri banno ki aayegi baarat’ during Juhi Chawla’s 5G hearing at Delhi HC

The unidentified man had disrupted the hearing after Juhi Chawla had shared a link of the court hearing on social media.

Juhi Chawla may have disrupted her own hearing but here are some of her songs which deserve a contempt notice of their own

Juhi Chawla today created chaos by inadvertently sharing live link of her plea hearing on all social media network. But here are some of her songs which deserve an FIR at least

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