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Justice Pardiwala of Supreme Court roots for regulating social media, day after he was criticised for blaming Nupur Sharma for Udaipur murder in an...

Justice Pardiwala was recently criticized for his comments in a case involving ex-BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma.

‘I am a connoisseur of arts and a trained classical dancer’, claims Justice Kalam Pasha who stopped dancer Neena Prasad from performing in Kerala’s...

In his letter, Judge Pasha called himself a connoisseur of arts and said he was trained in Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music.

Punjab: Family of Faridkot firing victim awaits justice, says neither Captain nor Channi did anything

Sukhraj Singh said Congress came in power with a promise they would take action against culprits of sacrilege and the police firing incident but nothing happened.

‘Tareekh pe tareekh’: Screams real-life ‘Sunny Deol’ and damages equipment in a Delhi courtroom over delays in case hearing

The man Rakesh was apprehended after courtroom staff raised an alarm and called the police.

Haryana: Arrested Khalistani terrorists linked to SFJ, wanted to attack Shiv Sena leaders in Punjab. Details

SFJ's Gurmeet Singh had reportedly asked the two men to attack two Shiv Sena leaders in Punjab for their anti-Sikh statements and had sent them money online.

Meet Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s likely nominee to fill the US Supreme Court vacancy left behind by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Amy Coney Barrett is a Catholic and her faith was a subject of scrutiny among liberals after her nomination to the court of appeals.

Justice Kirubakaran cautions against linguistic chauvinism, warns against ‘fringe elements’ wearing the mask of NGOs and human rights organisations

Justice Kirubakaran expressed concern over media reports showing links of educated and respected people of the country with the Naxal movement.

News of Chhota Bheem ditching Chutki to marry princess Indumati is fake, clarifies maker of animated show after netizens outrage over ‘betrayal’ by Bheem

Netizens launch #JusticeForChutki campaign after news spread that Chhota Bheem is ditching best friend Chutki to marry princess Indumati

IFCN accredited ‘fact-checker’ Boom Live peddles fake news about Justice Muralidhar’s alleged “overnight” transfer days after it was debunked

A week after fake news on Justice Muralidhar's transfer was debunked, IFCN accredited 'fact-checker' Boom Live spreads them

Here is how every claim made by left-liberals and opposition on justice Muralidhar’s transfer is a lie

Justice Muralidhar transferred as per Supreme Court Collegium decision, leftists and opposition attack govt for it

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