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Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi announces permanent closure, says Indian govt will now decide whether to allow Taliban ‘diplomats’ work in the building

"The diplomats of the Afghan Republic have handed over the mission solely to the Indian government. It now rests upon the Indian government to decide the fate of the mission, whether to maintain its closure or consider alternatives, including the possibility of handing it over to Taliban diplomats", the embassy said in its statement.

US soldiers in Kabul airport were ordered to clean the excreta of thousands of Afghans just after bomb blast killed 13 of their colleagues

After two blasts caused by ISIS suicide bombers rocked the Kabul airport in August 2021, the US Marines were ordered to clean the human excreta of the thousands of Afghans who camped at the airport

Caught under the sheets: Senior Taliban official caught in homosexual relationship with guard on viral video, continues in his post in Kabul

A Taliban leader was caught in an intimate relation with his male guard on a hidden camera.

Afghanistan: Girls, women demand reopening educational institutes for them

As the Taliban regime completed its second year in Afghanistan after taking over the country, the women wished that their basic right to education will be given back to them.

No such concept in Sharia: Taliban imposes ban on political parties in Afghanistan

Afghan Taliban has resisted international efforts to construct a more diverse government, claiming their "interim government" was broad-based and comprised of representatives from all ethnic groups and tribes.

ISIS is an American phenomenon, have documents to show that the USA trained them: Taliban

Taliban appointed Governor of Kabul, Mohammad Qassim Khalid has said that the US is behind Daesh (ISIS) and that the group is an American phenomenon

Last two copies of Guru Granth Sahib to arrive in Delhi from Afghanistan’s Kabul today: Watch

These two Saroops could not be transported to India last year because of the restrictions imposed by the Islamist regime of Taliban.

Former female Afghan MP Mursal Nabizada shot dead in Kabul, had refused to leave Afghanistan after Taliban takeover

Mursal Nabizada and her guard were shot dead in the same room at 3 a.m. on Saturday. A second security guy and her brother have been injured in the attack.

‘Don’t take blood from women’: Taliban refuses to allow women to donate blood for the victims of the Kabul attack

A group of women were seen saying that they were stopped by the Taliban from donating blood to the victims of the dastardly attack Kabul

Afghanistan: Taliban cleric Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani killed in suicide attack, killer had concealed the bomb in an artificial leg

Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani, a prominent Taliban cleric, was killed in a suicide attack at his Islamic seminary in Kabul

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