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Kanpur: Faiz Malik poses as Ankit Thakur to befriend a minor Hindu girl; rapes her, attempts to kill her after she refuses to convert...

A man named Faiz Malik posed as Ankit Thakur to befriend a Hindu minor girl. Faiz raped her and attempted to kill her after she resisted conversion.

Businessman Raju Hargunani repeatedly stabbed by minor Muslim boy who worked in his store causing his intestines to split out, detained

Shaan, Akhtar and Bilal have been employed at the store of the Uttar Pradesh businessman along with the main culprit.

Uttar Pradesh: Maulana Sonu Hafiz arrested for raping a 14-year-old girl in Kanpur, the cleric gave abortion pills to the girl after three months...

Sonu Hafiz often called the girl to his room on some pretext and used to take off all the clothes of the victim and rape her.

Uttar Pradesh: Young man recording video of burning cylinder dies after its explosion, several others injured, shops and bikes destroyed

Nikhil and Aman were capturing the incident on their phones when the cylinders blasted resulting in loss of life and property.

Medical treatment, job, and Rs 50,000 in cash: Kanpur Police arrest pastor Williams and Deepak Morris for luring 110 Dalits to convert to Christianity

According to the FIR, the 110 men and women were asked to remove the statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses from their places after conversion.

Love gone wrong: Deep spent 1 crore to become female after falling in love with Vaibhav, sets car on fire in Kanpur after boyfriend...

A man who became female to marry boyfriend burnt his car in Kanpur after he refused to marry even after she spent Rs 1 crore for sex change

Ram Janaki Temple in Kanpur receives bomb threat, posters with the threat pasted on walls and scattered on floor

Notably, a bhava programme was held in the Ram Janaki Temple on the day of the Pran Pratistha ceremony in Ayodhya.

Kanpur: Hindu man commits suicide after being harassed by Muslim wife for conversion to Islam, records video exposing his wife before death

In a video recorded by the victim, the Hindu man said he was constantly harassment by his Muslim wife for conversion to Islam.

Kanpur: Danish lured minor Hindu girl using photos of luxury cars and houses, kept hostage, raped, fed beef, gave Muslim name and forced her...

Danish took a minor Hindu girl as his prisoner, sexually assaulted her and forced her to eat beef in Kanpur.

‘Now you are a Hindu’: Muslim woman hounded by brothers, cleric after she went to CM Yogi’s Janata Durbar wearing saffron dupatta over niqab

The victim went to CM Yogi's Janata Durbar to discuss a family problem between her and her brothers over property.

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