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Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal repeats opposition lies on electoral bonds in an interview with The Wire, claims Future Gaming, which made largest donation to TMC &...

Kapil Sibal was essentially, attempting to peddle the same conspiracy theory that the entire leftist ecosystem has been peddling that BJP extorted money in form of electoral bonds from firms like Future Gaming and Hotel Services to provide legal security or frame favourable laws

Why Kapil Sibal withdrew Umar Khalid’s bail plea from SC: Failed attempt at forum shopping and a recent SC judgement about bail in UAPA...

Umar Khalid withdrew bail plea before Supreme Court in Delhi anti-Hindu riots in February 2020 through his lawyer Kapil Sibal

Supreme Court does not like NewsClick approaching them directly, but concedes to their plea anyway: What Kapil Sibal was contending

SC issues notices to probe agencies for response to NewsClick plea for guidelines on seizure of digital devices

‘PM not highly educated, nobody in BJP govt knows economies, you and I should be in govt’: Subramanian Swamy at Kapil Sibal’s new talk...

Appearing on the first episode of talk show hosted by Kapil Sibal on Wire, Subramanian Swamy said that current govt does not know anything about economy

Kapil Sibal, who opposed Ram Mandir in SC, now calls the consecration ceremony a ‘show-off’ while saying Lord Ram resides in his heart

Former Congress veteran leader, and UPA Minister Kapil Sibal argued that Lord Ram resides in his heart and the grand spectacle for Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha is a “show off”. 

‘Jamiat gave you wrong information’: Congress leader Debabrata Saikia demands apology from Kapil Sibal for claiming that Assam was part of Myanmar

Congress leader Debabrata Saikia demanded an apology from Kapil Sibal for distorting history of Assam

Those who do not know history should not say certain things: Himanta Biswa Sarma after Kapil Sibal claimed that Assam was part of Myanmar

Himanta Biswa Sarma responds to Kapil Sibal claiming in Supreme Court that Assam was originally part of Myanmar

If they say Pakistan Murdabad, I will say Pakistan Zindabad: Meet Mohammad Akbar Lone, whom Kapil Sibal is representing in the Article 370 abrogation...

For Kapil Sibal, who has served several decades in Congress, to represent a secessionist politician such as Lone is a travesty.

‘Surprise entry’ of ex-Congress leader Kapil Sibal at I.N.D.I.A. bloc’s meet leaves ex-colleagues miffed, gets extreme corner space in photo op

The second day of the two-day mega meeting of opposition's I.N.D.I.A. bloc turned out to be nothing less than a thrilling Bollywood drama movie with Congress losing their cool at the surprise entry of ex-Congress leader Kapil Sibal

Article 370 hearing: SG Mehta quotes Sardar Patel in the SC & exposes Nehru, Sibal and others object but get admonished by CJI

As Nehru was getting exposed by the arguments being presented by SG Tushar Mehta, petitioner lawyer Kapil Sibal objected to it and created disturbances in the hearing

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