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OpIndia broke this story in March 2018, now, Income Tax Dept launches an investigation
The curriculum suggested by Teesta's Khoj project was rejected by NCERT, but Kapil Sibal bypassed it to approve the venomous syllabus
The court noted the statement of AAG Tushar Mehta that the floor test is to be a live telecast and transparent
Congress seems to be driven by the advice of the lawyers, almost like the Consigliere in the famous Italian mafias
Are the petitioners and Sibal fishing for a favorable bench?
Kapil Sibal reportedly withdrew the petition after SC asked him to argue on the merit of the petition
Senior Congress leaders including Kapil Sibal had submitted citation letters favouring Asaram
Kapil Sibal was against the impeachment process then, what changed now?
It is also a warning for future judges who dare to anger the Congress party in future. 
The unanswered questions and quest for justice
Many journalists who are calling the clamp down on fake news 'draconian' have themselves indulged in fake news.
Where is the defamation in asking questions?
While responding to a story by broken by, Kapil Sibal accepted to have acquired Grande Castello.
Documents available raise questions over the transaction by Sibal and his relationship with one businessman.
PFI claims it paid 94 lakhs to lawyers, spent 5 lakhs on travel
Earlier, a close aide had admitted that the Delhi Chief Minister wanted to end several cases filed against him.
Muslim orphanages say they do not fall under the purview of Juvenile homes
Dragging the judiciary down through the mud for petty political games is shameful, doing so with players who have no credibility, is worse.
No, feeble or otherwise, is an absolute no. Consent is non-negotiable.
A brief look at the history of the case, and the major arguments made in the Supreme Court by both sides.
The NIA told the court that there's a pattern to such cases
The Congress has also tried to insinuate that the Election Commission was partial towards the BJP.
Pop historian Ram Guha has expressed his desire to see Nitish Kumar as the Congress President

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