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It’s high time to shoot and kill Netanyahu without a trial, Hamas not terrorists: Kerala Congress MP Rajmohan Unnithan’s shocking comments

Congress MP Rajmohan Unnithan has said that Israeli PM Netanyahu is a war criminal and should be shot and killed without trial.

Maharashtra: Inayat Pardeshi, a writer at The Wire Marathi, arrested for torturing and beating his own mother to death

Inayat Pardeshi is the son of Marxist couple Saroj Kamble and Ranjit Pardeshi. Saroj Kamble has reportedly been tortured and beaten to death by her son Inayat.

Ex-Pak PM Imran Khan says he had warned assassinated journalist Arshad Sharif about the looming death threat

Arshad Sharif was shot dead in Kenya allegedly by the local police after the journalist failed to stop at a checkpoint. The police were looking for a vehicle stolen in a carjacking incident where a child was abducted.

Kolkata: Woman killed and several injured as cop opens fire near Bangladesh High Commission before shooting himself dead

Woman who was driving pillion on a bike was shot dead when cop Chodup Lepcha opened fire on people in Kolkata

Mass shootings continue in the USA, at least eleven more reported since the Uvalde school massacre 5 days ago

At least 11 mass shooting incidents have occured in the USA in 5 days since the Uvalde school massacre.

Iraq: Tiktok star Eman Sami Maghdid shot dead by brother for wearing crop tops

Maghdid was known for posting rebellious images, including pictures of herself wearing crop tops that exposed her midriff

Beef mafia in Uttar Pradesh: Man shot dead by cattle smugglers for resisting theft of his buffaloes

Usveer Yadav, 21, was shot dead in Uttar Pradesh's Kasganj by cattle smugglers who raided his house to steal buffaloes

Afghanistan: Taliban killed over 100 civilians after the fall of Spin Boldak, US forces carry out strikes in Kandahar

As per the government of Afghanistan, the Talibani terrorists presided over the massacre at the direction of their Pakistani masters.

Indore: Video of a 6-year-old child shouting slogans to kill PM Modi goes viral

6-year-old child shouts slogans to kill PM Modi after Coronavirus positive family member discharged from hospital, family encourage the kid

Writer of Karan Johar’s next movie Takht, Hussain Haidry, turns out to be an Islamist: Read how

Hussain Haidry, like a true Islamist, had even instigated others to pick a fight with people, burn their house and kill a man if there was a chance.

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