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Kundli Border Murder by Nihangs

A Hindu tweeting dislike for an ad is more dangerous than violent mob throwing stones, and radicals chopping off limbs, for ‘Liberals’

Radicals and fanatics are chopping off limbs, torching vehicles over allegations of 'blasphemy' but Hindus are branded terrorists because they did not like FabIndia ad.

Singhu border murder: Accused Nihang had taken victim Lakhbir to protest site, Punjab govt forms SIT

The Punjab government has formed an SIT to probe the claims of Lakhbir Singh being taken to the Singhu border.

FIR against dead man: Lakhbir Singh, victim of brutal lynching by Nihangs, booked for alleged ‘blasphemy’ by Haryana police

After brutally murdered for alleged desecration, now FIR filed against Dalit Sikh Lakhbir Singh under section 295A of the IPC

Nihangs planning ‘mahapanchayat’ at Singhu border, threaten to free the arrested murderers by force and kill again over ‘blasphemy’

The Nihangs have demanded a case be registered against Lakhbir Singh, and have stated that they will kill again if incidents of 'blasphemy' occur.

Punjab government forms SIT to probe the brutal murder of Lakhbir Singh at Singhu border farmer protest site

Punjab Home Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa said that the govt will probe the Lakhbir Singh murder case as he was a resident of Punjab

‘He was the biggest believer of Guru Gobind Singh,’ laments Lakhbir Singh’s wife, Nihangs blame govt while remaining unapologetic

The family of Lakhbir Singh is in a state of shock, haunted by the videos of their son begging for his life.

No Sikh priest attends cremation of Lakhbir Singh after Sikh body ordered not to perform religious rituals, villagers stay away from last rites

On Saturday, the National Commission for Scheduled Castes raised objection for denial of decent last rites to Dalit Sikh Lakhbir Singh.

The illegal and unconstitutional Republic of Singhu is now a fully functional dictatorship

Who can set the people free? Modern capitalism. Yes, modern capitalism, for all its faults, is what sets people free from the brutal feudal system.

Don’t upset Punjab, Indira Gandhi had lost her life: Sharad Pawar says ‘upsetting’ farmers will have ramifications

Sharad Pawar warns of 'ramifications' if farmers' demands are not met, invokes Indira Gandhi's assassination.

Another man recalls assault by Nihang Sikhs at farmer protest site, left hand still does not function properly: Details

At the advent of the heinous killing of Lakhbir Singh, another victim has come forth to reveal similar atrocities meted out at him by the Nihang Sikhs.

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